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Here we meet again with our Seeed PM (Product Manager) this week. Today our PM ,XT.Han is excited to share some knowledge about Grove to us,helping us to make a decision to choose a Grove when building a prototype circuit.

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Let’s get to our topic today:

How to choose a Grove when building a prototype circuit?

For those guys who have already known Seeed must be familiar with products of Grove series, too. They are a series of standard prototype circuits which were elaborately designed for makers by Seeed with the purpose of helping makers to build up prototype circuit efficiently.

With the support and help of makers, Grove family has been growing steadly. Although there are more than 150 members in Grove family, only a few of them are well-known to the public let alone how to choose other Grove products. Therefore, today I’d like to share with you how do I choose Grove products and build up a prototype circuit quickly. I also hope to have any suggestions of you about Grove. Grove family can’t grow without your support.

First , let’s analyze it together .How many parts can a basic electrical system be made up ?


According to the structure given above, we divide Grove into corresponding classes and the necessary Grove can be easily found by it. Meanwhile ,through comparing functional similar Grove , the best suitable Grove module can be found conveniently.

In this way, once you have conceived the needed function , you can find your needed module quickly refer to the classes of Grove.

The followings are some typical questions of choosing Grove for you to think about when choosing a Grove. And we really appreciate you to show your answers on the website we mention above.

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1. How many circuit units does Grove family have ?

2. If I am not familiar with certain Grove section how can I use it ?

3. Can I share Grove classes?

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