Hello from Seeed US team

Some of you may know that we opened up a US branch in the bay area. Here are some updates on what we have been doing there:)

1. Seeed US Opening Party 
Thanks to all who made it to our party during the frenzy week of maker faire! We’ve made a quick video as a recap of the fun night! Thanks for Center for the Edge team and Tim West who made this possible. For more amazing pictures, click here.
 2. What exactly are we doing here in the bay area? 
We get asked this question a lot. In case we didn’t get to explain this in person, here’s the standard answer. At this point, we are opening up the facility for prototyping service under 100 units. Please send your Gerber, BOM and requirement to [email protected] to receive a quote (US order only). With the manufacturing perspective embedded from the very beginning of product development stage, the goal is for scaling up to Shenzhen as seamless as possible.
For a longer version of our thoughts for the US Branch, click here.
3. SZ to SF – The conversations we are engaged in
We hosted another event on Shenzhen’s hardware ecosystem with Terry Cheng last week. It is really obvious to us that there’s a strong demand for the hardware community to be more connected between SZ and SF and that’s exactly what we want to do with the US operations. If you can think of people that we should connect to, let us know!
4. Meanwhile in Shenzhen…
It’s almost weirdly coincidental that Maker Faire Shenzhen (June 19 – 21) is right after National Week of Making (June 12 – 18) in the US. We will be participating in City Innovation Summit as we pass across the baton.
For some of you who will be in SZ during that time, you are in for some cool projects and rad parties (we are jealous). Our team in Shenzhen is hustling to get everything ready since this year’s faire is going to be bigger than ever before!
5. How to stay posted?
Low frequency digest: Newsletter
Bite size info:  @seeedstudio & @mengmengdotchen
Story telling: Blog
Workshops & Events: Meetup
Enough said for the first newsletter:) Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions -> [email protected]

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