We did the experiments last month for our own project. Before the production, we hold the pre-meeting at 17:00, we fix the main timeline in the whole schedule. This time, we try to challenge a relatively complex product called Seeeduino Cloud, and we will record all the processes including PCB fabrication.

17:00 Pre-meeting


17:30 Release PO to PMC


17: 40 Run MRP3

18:00 Preparing components in warehouse4 5


18:30 Our PCB factory Start to produce PCB- Cut Lamination6



Plated through hole9

Exposure10 11 12 13



Silk screen16

Flying Probe test17



8:30 PCB arrived to our MFG center& Our QC do incoming inspection22 23

8:40 Put electronic components on feeders24 25

9:00 Debug the Automatic Printer + Pick and place machine26 27 28

9:10 QC check the components on Pick and place machine.29 30

9:40 Making the first article31 32

10:10 Components inspection33

10:20 First article pass reflow34 35 36

10:30 First article visual inspection37 38

10:40 First article function test39 40

11:00 Starting SMT Production41 42 43 44

12:00 Starting Cell line Production45 46 47

14:00 Testing48

15:00 Failure analysis49

15:30 FQC inspection50 51

16:15 Packaging52 53 54

16:30 Put in storage55 56 57 58


In final, we completed the order in 24 hours, thanks all the guys in the team, thanks our project manager Eiki, she not only should ensure all the schedule on the right time, but also need to take all the photoes for sharing. If you want to get more information about 24 hours order service or want to try the service, you can apply it on our propagate page http://www.seeedstudio.com/propagate/app/start , we will do the experiment and share every week.