#mft2015 Seeed in Tokyo – Day 1

11796342_917738038292993_6454886780229973508_nAfter a long trip, Seeed Studio CEO Eric Pan and other Seeeders Serena, Momi, Nana, Bruce and Su finally arrived at Tokyo, a fantastic city with huge numbers of creative makers.

In 29th July, all six Seeeders visited #TsukijiMarket in 7:00 in the morning. The magic trip of Seeeders starts!

7:00 Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market (築地市場) is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo. It is the most famous of over ten wholesale markets that handle the distribution of fish, meat, produce and flowers in Tokyo. market-1Breakfast meet up! Eric and Takasu in the coffee shop.

Eric:”Been tsukiji everytime in tokyo, been this coffee shop everytime in tsukiji”

1.picAfter the trip to the market, Seeeders visited the exhibition “Motion Science” which Eric highly recommended.

10:00 Motion Design

Motion design is a form of art that has brought “movement” to expressions. The techniques of motion design have helped to spread vehicle control systems, map applications, communications technologies and SNS, supporting our stress-free, convenient daily lives. They also enable dynamic depictions in products, graphics and video images, creating even richer expressions that appeal to our sensibilities.
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Today’s creators manufacture products utilizing cutting-edge technologies while employing engineering techniques as well. Various moving tools that are indispensable to our lives, as well as their mechanisms, have come about from a series of research and experiments carried out by designers, artists and corporations. Seeing one’s idea take shape and begin moving – the genuine joy of witnessing such moments may be said to represent the enjoyment of creating itself.


17:00 Meiji University and Maker’s Base

“Borderless Collaboration, Grow The Difference” Eric’s speech in Meiji University.

See more speech details here.ericpan-1Makers Base in Meguro is a  year old cooperative workshop facility where members can use the space and machinery to create their works of art, many of the artist them sell their products on and offline.



20:00 Dinner Time!

Enjoy Japanese delicious food! Love you so muc my dear friends!

Such a wonderful evening.

11794102_928706643837934_1786304603878924180_oTo be continued 🙂


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