Join the First BeagleBone Green IoT Contest and Win Awesome Prizes!

Dear Friends,

We brought the featured BeagleBone Green development board last August, which was a joint effort by and Seeed Studio. And now we’ve decide to move forward, partnering with and BeagleBoard community to launch the first BeagleBone Green IoT contest at the beginning of the brand new year, so that you can learn, share and win awesome prizes!

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1. Start: Register your name.

Start by creating a free account on (or sign in if you’re already a member), and register for the contest by clicking “Register as a participant”.

2. Pre-Contest: Submit your project idea and enter to win 1 of 100 free 20% off coupon and 1 of 20 free BBGs.

  • Click “Submit your idea” and fill in the template. Tell us what IoT project you want to build.
  • Share the story and add a high-quality cover image (ideas take only a few minutes to submit).
  • We will select the top 20 winners of the free BBG & the top 100 winners for the 20% coupon based on idea originality, quality, and buildability
  • Idea submission opens on January 8 and closes on February 22. We will announce the winners on February 27.

3. Contest: Submit a complete project and enter to win a the top prizes: A Shenzhen Maker Fair trip!

  • Click “Submit an entry” and fill in the template.
  • Describe your design that will inspire others to create IoT tutorials
  • Include plenty of details: what are you creating? What does it do? Why is it cool? Give ample of technical information.
  • Check out this project on Hackster to get inspired.
  • Your final project must consist of the following:
    • Quality images;
    • Clear instructions;
    • BOM and schematics;
    • Source code;
    • CAD files if you’ve created an enclosure.
  • You must use a BBG to participate.
  • Project submission opens February 26 and closes March 31. We will announce the winners on April 2, 2016. (No kidding!)


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