Lately, we have received many questions about Register Air Mail.  Therefore, we decide to write this blog to give you a full picture of  this logistic service.


5 people are responsible for delivering the parcel to you. They are Seeed, Logistic carrier, Custom Agency, Singapore Post and Local post office. Please check the below procedure of Registered Air Parcel service.

Registered Air Parcel3


1. What is the shipping lead-time of Registered Air Parcel?

The lead-time of Registered Air Mail is unstable and varies from 7 days to 45 days. If you still haven’t got your parcel over 45 days, please contact Seeed customer service.

2. When can I track the package online?

According to the shipping procedure, you may track your parcel online 2 working days after we ship the product on

For example, if we ship the goods on Tuesday, you may track the info on Thursday; if we ship the goods on Friday, you may track the info on next Tuesday.

3. When the status of the parcel will be updated?

Please check the following example, registered air parcel will be updated under following circumstances:

  • Shipping label is printed. Then you will find “information Received” in the tracking page 2 days after shipment
  • Depart from HK (4-15 working days after shipment)
  • Arrive Singapore ( all the goods will be transferred in Singapore)
  • Arrive destination country and pass the goods to local post office
  • Failed or successful delivery

registered air mail

4. What is the meaning of shipped and traceable

Shipped: Seeed passes the goods to our logistic carrier
Traceable: Shipping label has been printed

5. Why it takes so much longer than Express?

Registered Air Mail has the lowest priority in all shipment. E.g., if there is no enough flight for all the goods in HK, parcels with higher priority will be shipped first and registered airmail needs to wait until there are available flights. In any case when logistic company needs to choose who goes first, registered airmail will always be the last one. It will frequently happen when it comes to holiday.

  6. What will cause a delay?

Many cases will influence the lead-time

  • Transportation delay

Truck may arrive late due to bad weather; Flight may be late due to maintenance. However, the other stops in this logistic chain still function under their schedules. E.g., to get on a 11AM flight, the parcel needs to be registered in the airport mail station at 1pm the day before. Missing a cutoff time means your parcel has to wait for the next dispatch, Therefore, a few hours delay may turn into a day and even more.

  • Custom check and Security delay

Custom will randomly check the cargo in batch. Once they start the inspection, the whole batch will be delayed 1-5 days. It will get worse if it comes to some important national and international events like APEC, they will inspect everything which will cause serious delay.

7. Why I fail to check my parcel online?

If you fail to check your order online, it may caused by the following reasons:

  • The parcel hasn’t been received by Singapore post (Seeed only uses Singapore post). In this case, the parcel may still stuck in custom. Please check the shipping procedures, you may get a full picture of custom declaration.
  • Singapore post haven’t scanned your parcel. It may take 1-4 days after they receive the goods.
  • Wrong tracking number
  • Expired tracking number

 8. What happen after failed delivery?

Local post office will only help to deliver to your front door once. If they fail to deliver, they will either bringing the parcel back to their offices and waiting for your pick up or returning the parcel to the sender. Please note that Seeed will charge you the extra fee incurred by returning the parcel requested by local office.

 9. What if I put a wrong address for the shipment?

Local office is not able to deliver the goods successfully and will return the parcel to the sender.

Please note that Seeed will charge you the extra fee incurred by returning the parcel requested by local office.

10. Can I change the shipping address after shipment?

Address can be changed when the parcel is on Seeed’s hand or before custom declaration. We can help you to change the address without extra fee.

Address can not be changed after applying for custom declaration.

11. Normally, what will be he arrangement of the flights?

Flight to Asia will be in the morning; Europe in the morning while North and South America is in the evening.

12. What if you ship my goods to a wrong address?

Please contact our customer service; we will try our best to compensate you. Please choose which one you prefer,

  • help to remake you product and arrange the shipment by Express for free
  • Fully refund or Seeed coupon with same value.

13. Why Seeed needs to use logistic carrier?

Cooperating with carrier is an important way to cost down the shipping fee for our customers. Carrier will combine all the goods together from different companies, in this case, he will be in a better position to bargain with big logistic companies like Singapore Post and DHL etc., which will leads to a better price.

14. What should I do if I think the status stops updating?

If you find Singapore Post stops updating for more than 20 days after receiving in HK, please contact customer service, we will try our best to track your parcel.  However, since it takes some time to confirm with each stop in the procedure, we may not be able to give the answer promptly.    Estimated reply time will be 4-60 days.

In a word, we will suggest to use express service if you hope the goods arrive as scheduled.

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusions.  Feel free to give us feedback  through the Comment.


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