WEEKLY NEW PRODUCTS RELEASE: ARDX – Basic Experimentation Kit for Arduino


We believe engineering can always simulate the mind. Engineering can be a great way for parents to enlighten their kids. They firstly start with SIMPLE, FUN and BASIC experiments – using a range of electronic components to build easy circuits, let the kids feel the fun in it, and meanwhile learn how it works.

The ARDX – Basic Experimentation Kit for Arduino is such a kit that helps beginners perceive the knowledge of electronics. The kit not only includes a wide range of electronic components, but also provides a detailed Experimenter’s Guide that illustrates up to 13 different circuit diagrams constructed with easy-to-use breadboard. After bread-boarding your own circuit as instructed, you will be familiar with basic elements of LEDs, resistors, photo sensors and temperature sensors etc. Then you can go even further with some more advanced components like piezo elements, relay, DC motor and servo.

Some of you might prefer reading the guide online, there is also an electronic version of the Experimenter’s Guide, which can be downloaded here.

Also if you encounter any problems, want to ask some questions, or know more about any parts, extra help is only an e-mail away at [email protected].



  • Designed for beginners
  • Simple, easy bread-boarding circuit learning
  • Help you grasp the use of basic elements, and also get to know some advanced electronic components
  • 13 circuits at different level for you to learn progressively
  • A color printed Experimenter’s Guide included, providing step-by-step instructions


Part List

  • 75x Premium jumper wires
  • 1x Type B USB cable
  • 1x 9V battery clip
  • 1x 5mm diffused RGB LED
  • 1x Piezo Sensor – Minisensor 100
  • 10x 5mm red LEDs
  • 10x 5mm green LEDs
  • 1x 10mm blue LED
  • 1x Toy DC motor
  • 1x 9g High Sensitive Mini sensor
  • 1x 74HC595
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x 1M resistor
  • 2x Pushbuttons
  • 1x Potentiometer (10K)
  • 1x Light sensor (5528)
  • 1x TMP36
  • 1x Relay (5v,3A/120VAC)
  • 2x P2N2222A
  • 25x 560 Ohm resistors
  • 3x 2.2k Ohm resistors
  • 3x 10k Ohm resistors
  • 1x 220uf capacitor
  • 2x 1N4001
  • 1x Breadboard
  • 1x Male pin header
  • 4x Plastic rivet
  • 1x Acrylic holder
  • 4x Rubber bumpers
  • 13x Color breadboard layout sheets
  • 1x Full color printed Experimenter’s Guide


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