Soon after Pokeman Go released, the safety issues of playing this game outdoor have drawn a lot of attentions. Players run on the street without watching traffic,even one of them fell down from bridge. It is difficult to be aware of surroundings through a camera lens while playing the game. To avoid potential hazards, I decide to make a Pokemon safety badge to trigger motor when the distance between wearer and any object is less than one meter.

It takes 5 minutes to make this project including assembling parts and uploading the code. Zero hardware background is required.  Check out the demo video below. Pikachu~

Here are 4 parts we used in this project. The main parts are an ultrasonic or infrared sensor to detect object, and a vibration motor to trigger action. After gathering all the parts, assemble them together. Thanks to the plug and play feature, these parts from Grove system require no soldering for your circuit.
If you would like to make your own one, please read the recipe and find more details.