For better performance, we upgraded our server lately. Accordingly, the Old Global Server ( will be shut down on 1st September, 2016. To make sure your device function well, we recommend manual transfer for your Wio projects.
Step 1, Re-cogfigure Wio device to New Global Server
  1. Use existing account infomation and login to New Global Server
  1. Press config button on Wio device for 4 seconds to activate configuation mode
  1. Follow app screen to configuration process.
Step 2, Re-cogfigure Groves to Wio
  1. Select Groves for Wio device that you just added
  1. Run OTA
  1. Check “View API” page to see new API settings
Step 3, Edit URL and Token
Find new URL and Token in above API page, edit them accordingly on your project files.
Step 4, Edit IFTTT Recipe (if applies)
If your Wio Project was using IFTTT service, you will need to log in to IFTTT Seeed Channel again.
  1. Press “Reconnect Channel” of IFTTT
  1. Login again with old account information
  1. Edit or re-add the same recipe