Dear all,

Thanks for participation and support for this contest. We have 19 designs for the contest and we have selected the winners according to the judging criteria.

Daniel O’Neill’s project has won Wio LTE award ($1000 coupon)

Here is the award comment from Wio LTE’s product manager (Xiaobo Ye): This design has reserved SPI interface and changed the power supply solution. Furthermore, it has added a 9 axls motion sensor, which makes it possible to apply for more scenarios. We are looking forward to see the product made in Seeed and the following story with the design. We are also happy to help the designer with the future design to make it a more fancy product.

David’s project has won Community Choice award($100 coupon)

All entrants will receive a $50 PCBA coupon to Seeed’s fusion towards prototypes of their projects.

We will contact all the participants later this week and send out the coupon. Thanks again for your participation in this contest. If you still have any questions regarding this contest, please contact us at