Thanksgiving Sales Highlights

Our Thanksgiving sales is online now. You can get up to 90% discount for hundreds of our products, check out all the discounts  now! Today, we are presenting you two of our best-selling series: Grove and RF Explorer!


Grove series- thanksgiving

Speedup your prototyping with 150+ different Groves from this Thanksgiving! Grove is a modular plug-n-play tool set optimized for simplicity and rapid prototyping. Each Grove is a functional element such as sensor, switch or LED that integrated a standard connector with a 4-in-1 cable specially designed for the connector. You can get rid of jumpers or soldering in your circuitry.

Grove is fully compatible with Arduino and many other platforms are also supported. Thanksgiving is about giving back, every Grove users will get a basic 5% discount for all the Groves and special 15% discount for the 64 best-selling Groves, including light sensor, 4-Digit display, motor driver and many more. If you are a beginner for Arduino, this is your best chance to get an awesome Grove Starter Kit for Arduino for 20% discount! Check out more information about Grove here and grab last chance in this year to get the Grove your need at the lowest price!

RF Explore Series

Want to test the signal of your transmitting device and make sure there’s no interference? RF Explorer is your choice. During Thanksgiving, Seeed Studio brings RF Explorer on flash sale. You can get a discount by being early participator during our flash sale. Compared with high-end expensive and bulky analyzers, RF Explorer offers 90% of what a high cost unit will do for RF digital band communication, only at 5% of the cost.

RF Explorer is our latest breakthrough device in low-cost RF spectrum analysis. It operates both as a standalone, handle RF spectrum analyzer and also interfaces with a PC that runs data analysis software. Not only is it used for HAM Station, it is also used for wireless microphone testing, Wi-Fi analyzing, antenna installing. Get this multi-functional equipment with affordable price.

There are several models in RF Explorer series with frequency ranging from 15 MHz to 6100 MHz. Now to thank all Seeed customers, we provide 4 models of 10 units each with big discounts. Grab the last chance this year and get your RF explorer! We also provide other HAM radio products or equipment with discount. Order now and share with your friends on HAM!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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