Seeed Fusion Gallery Top Ten Projects – March 2018

Welcome to the first ever Seeed Fusion Gallery Top Ten Projects line-up! Every month, we’ll draw up a chart of the most popular projects shared on the Seeed Fusion Gallery that featured on the Seeed Studios Facebook and Twitter channels in the past month. Only the most interesting, useful, controversial or trendy projects make the cut. The top three sharers have a $50USD coupon waiting for them in their inbox and the next two runner-ups get $20USD!

Projects shared on the Seeed Fusion Gallery are open sourced and free for anyone to download and modify. Click on the links for the Gerber files and more information!

1 SBC68001-b Tech Data Bookletsample_fix


shared by Office Tetsu

This entry has proven to be a big hit not only in Japan with masses of viewers oozing nostalgia, and that’s why it’s our number one pick this month. The Motorola MC6800 chip (yes, that’s two zeroes) was the competitor to Intel’s 8080 microcontrollers in the 1970’s and was used in the likes of Tektronix 4051, a graphics computer system.


The SBC6800 is an open source single-chip computer that uses the MC6800 and can run (and fun!) many vintage software including Mikibug, VTL and MicroBasic.

The boards are typically a Japanese exclusive with many Japanese hardware vendors selling it as a ‘loose kit’. But fear not, now you can get the PCB boards thanks to Office Tetsu.

There is even an English datasheet and guidebooks for this board (the one on the right is called The Motorola 6800 Legend – Japanese only at the moment!)

Thank you, Office Tetsu for reviving the memories!


shared by Cedric Honnet

This project converts the huge orange sized object on the bottom with the tiny device on the top. The ‘orange’ is the Vive Tracker by HTC, developed for it’s range of VR games. It attaches to a variety of plastic accessories to track it’s movement for VR feedback.

But it’s not just for VR gimmicks. By reducing the size of the device, Cedric’s research has expanded its applications, for example in neuroscience research, surgery and even watchmaking.

Full project explanation and documentation can be found below:

2 - Hivetracker2b - Vive Tracker2c - animation
3 - Trixel LED3c - LEDs3b - Trixel LED

Trixel LED

shared by Arkadi

You can never get enough of LED strips, but if you need something new, why not try building an LED sculpture using tiny PCBs? Arkadi’s PCB building blocks allow you to do just that. Using the same addressable LEDs found on most digital LED strips (WS2821), each one of these boards houses a single LED and has castellated holes along all straight sides so you can connect them however you want.

Who said PCBs had to be flat? By soldering the castellated edges at various angles, you could make an LED football or maybe even a life-sized sculpture of yourself. Because.. why not?

There are even squares, pentagons and hexagons available from Arkadi’s Hackaday and GitHub pages.

Runner Ups – Not in the top three but honorable mentions nonetheless. 4th and 5th place get a $20USD coupon!
 2b - PCBs

BMS 3-5S

shared by Orkhan

3-5S Battery Management System based on TI bq76920 IC and MSP430 uC. The design is largely influenced by the TI’s TIDA-00449 reference and LibreSolar’s excellent BMS-5s designs.

Arduino Form Factor Self-Mixing Interferometer

shared by Aloismbutara

Precision optical sensing of relative distance movements and vibration of surfaces based on interferometry and back reflection. Still in testing.



shared by Arniex

ESP8266 based WiFi enabled relay board, that will let you easily turn any light or any plug to SMART one. Easily control using HomeKit (other HW needed) or using any MQTT based SmartHome application.

Power Supply

shared by Petr

Linear power supply from 0-30V and 0-2A (maximum output voltage and current can be recalculated according to the used transformer)

It was used as a one of the first construction of basic power supply for kids in the leisure activity center.


DRV8711 Stepper Motor Driver Module

This design is intended for controlling CNC stepper motors. It is based on following parts.- DRV8711, stepper motor controller IC- ISO7141, digital isolator IC- CSD88537ND, dual N-channel mosfet.

This is my first step(per?) into the DIY CNC space. I wanted a CNC router that could be used for routing custom speaker enclosures. After searching the web, and not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to build my own. After researching the what hardware was available, I decided I would build that myself too. Now I am on the path of a fully custom CNC router build, and I’m sure this PCB build will be the first of many.

I2C Controlled Sound Processor for Amplifier -TDA7439

shared by Marco

The TDA7439 is a volume, tone (bass, mid-range and treble) and balance (left/right) processor for high-quality audio applications and Hi-Fi systems.


Input multiplexer– four stereo inputs–

Selectable input gain for optimal adaptation to different sources

Single stereo output

Treble, mid-range and bass control in 2-dB steps

Volume control in 1-dB steps

All functions are programmable via I2C.


Raspberry Pi RS-422 & Inertial Measurement HAT

shared by reelyActive

Provides the Raspberry Pi with an RS-422 (serial) interface via RJ-45 connector as well as an I2C interface to an LSM9DS1 accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer for inertial measurement.


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