Customized BeagleBone Green in 3 industrial IoT Applications

Automated systems are in higher demands, which come with good reasons. It is much more efficient and time/resources-saving to apply automated processes to industries.

To catch the trend, we have been partnering with in developing BeagleBone Green (BBG), an open-source hardware design of BeagleBone Black with two Grove connectors, making it easier to connect to the large family of Grove sensors. What’s more, we could offer customization services for BBG/BBGW, turning the board into a smart gateway for various automation applications.

If you are not so familiar with the application scenarios of a customized BBG, here are 3 customized BBG solutions applied in different industries that we worked with. Hope they could explain better.


Solution 1 | Smart Logistics Solution for Food Delivery

In order to track the quality of fresh produce during delivery, prevent unnecessary cost and increase overall efficiency in product distribution, a logistics company reached out to us last year for a customized food delivery solution.

We customized BBG into a smart gateway to collect and upload data related to temperature and humidity during the transportation. The customizations include rearranged header pins, PoE (Power over Ethernet), RGB LED for system status and 2 USB host connectors.

With this solution, the client could monitor the real-time data online. And then they could decide if the food packages shall be unboxed for a second-time quality check and replacement in the distribution center before delivering to the end customers.


Solution 2 | Environmental Monitoring for Crop Growth

Farmers in the USA and India want to ensure quality of the produce with smart technologies, as they are based in a wide farming area with a spare population.

We came out of this environmental monitoring for crop growth solution to meet their needs. We have customized various types of sensors for distribution and a gateway for uploading real-time data to cloud based on the BBG. It could help remotely measure environmental factors for crop growth, such as atmospheric pressure, wind speed, temperature, humidity and PH levels. The real-time monitoring data will be sent to the cloud, leading farmers to make precision farming decisions.

Solution 3 | Smart Gateway for Building Metering

Scenario: A customized, plug-and-play solution based on BeagleBone Green for collecting real-time data for water, electricity and gas usage in residential and industrial settings and transmitting to the cloud for safety monitoring.

We have increased DC input to 9V-24V, added a real-time clock and a RS485 interface to the original BBG board for this case.


It is not difficult to tell that the BBG is a tiny but powerful board with abundant interface and strong expansibility. And it is perfect for customization for industrial applications.



Seeed has been providing BBG Customization services for many industrial clients since the day BBG was born, including customization for key components (memory/storage/connectivity), firmware, peripherals and drivers.

Here are some key features of a customized BBG:

-Industrial standard
-Based on TI AM3358
-Long range: 4G / GPRS + GPS / LoRaWAN / LoRa / 868 MHz / 900 MHz / WiFi / NB-IoT
-Short range: RFID / NFC / BLE
-Industrial protocol: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, CAN-Bus, 4-20mA
-Open source SDK / API / BSP / Driver / OS / Hardware
-Support 200+ Grove sensors
Check out more details about our BBG Customization services

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In these ways, it could be fitting for numerous applications such as robotics, smart homes, smart cities and industrial facilities.


Interested in a customized Beaglebone Green or even other customized board? Check out our Customization services here! Or drop an email at [email protected].

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