An IoT Building Application with ARTIK Eagleye-530s

We have been partnering with various IoT technology platforms to customize development kits and boards to enable an easy access for all developers to prototyping and applications. Earlier this year, we partnered with the Samsung ARTIK™-IoT Platform and launched the Eagleye 530s. It is a high-performance and production-ready development kit that incorporates the Samsung ARTIK™ 530s 1GB module and a 40 pin GPIO Interface.


Eagleye 530s supports full HDMI, MIPI camera interface, video, audio media, and the wireless protocol Zigbee, making it suitable for IoT gateway applications. The board allows Samsung ARTIK developers to easily tap into the powerful Raspberry, maker ecosystem, and prototype/ build with sensors, voice recognition, relays, GPS, cellular connectivity and more.

The Samsung ARTIK team created a Face/Identity Detection System (pictures below) built with the Eagleye 530s and the GrovePi+ Starter Kit in April, 2018 (check it out here).

屏幕快照 2018-06-15 下午2.30.41

Last month, the team showed an upgraded version of the demo at IoT World, in the Santa Clara Convention Center, which took place on May 14-17. They used an Eagleye 530s, an OV5640 5M Auto Focus USB Camera and a touchscreen to create a security system to ensure family security.

屏幕快照 2018-06-20 下午4.35.45


When a person comes to the touchscreen, he/she could follow the instruction on the screen to take a selfie, and the photo will be uploaded to the Facial Recognition Cloud Service – Kairos. The system will detect if the person matches with the already enrolled faces in the system.

The system could be connected to a door latches, allowing doors to be automatically unlocked when a family member is detected. This would be a solution suitable for consumers of smart home / building technologies.



Check out the full instruction here



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