Meet the Furniture Four and the Works They Made at Seeed

Finally, we’re having another update for our Making at Seeed column (Sad, please do not blame Lily hard as she has been stuck in too many things?). In case you forget what this column is about, it’s a column recording the making stories happened at Seeed, to celebrate and embrace our making & tinkering DNA of Seeed.

Back to our point, we always get many Seeeders (our lovely Seeed colleagues) involved in our office design and decoration as we did move a lot (?). For instance, our design team made a PCB table back in May when we moved into our new Headquarter office. We also have Star Wars Walls with the popular characters on them in the new office, with hundreds of colorful post-stickers involved. 

After a quite long journey of office hacking, here are some spoiler pictures. Quite unique, quite something right?

Apart from the lovely fulfilled indoor, we still have two huge balconies. One more background, there were many black steel display stools left after Maker Faire Shenzhen 2018, which we thought definitely deserve a much better place than a refuse dump. So we moved them back to our office. Plenty display stools plus two empty balconies, that’s how the story of the Furniture Four began.

One day when four of our colleagues hanged out on the balcony, they found these stools were also in a modular structure, which might be to re-made into balcony furniture, and then they decided to team up. So, let’s meet the Furniture Four crew first, they are Zhiming from the HR Team, Karl and Xu from the Engineering Team and Xie from the Manufacturing Team.

On November 10th, the antiseptic wood plank they ordered online arrived. Time to make!!!

As they already figured out the designs and structure of the furniture, the wood planks have been cut into specific length before delivery. The first step was to weld two square steel tubes to the longest stool as the supporting structures. Karl and Xu thought it was really necessary to add the supporting structure to make the furniture strong enough for a better load-bearing.

After welding, Xie took over and polished the welds while Zhiming was taking care of the spray painting, which gave the stool a black rustproof layer protection. Also to avoid the steel structure soaking in the rainwater, the team came out an idea to put on black plastic feet to leverage the structure from the floor. When all these were done, they mounted the wood planks onto the steel structure with screws and nuts.

And done! After 8 hour working, we have a brand new balcony furniture set where we could have BBQ and parties! Bravo @the Furniture Four!

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