Cheaper and Faster Shipping Available for US Customers Starting from just $5 for 2-5 Days Service.

We listen and take action – Seeed Bazaar #2

Dear valued customers,

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our range of shipping options for US customers now.
As always, we would like to begin by thanking you for your continuous support and communication on ways in which we can improve. Over the past ten years since Seeed was established, the number one complaint we received was that shipping prices were too high. Being located halfway across the world, there was not a lot we could do except cuts costs as much as possible. But as some of you may already be aware, we are trying a new method which resulted in the opening of the Sydney Australian warehouse. Now, we are welcoming the arrival of the US warehouse in Los Angeles. By purchasing popular products from the Seeed US website, customers can take advantage of local shipping costs and times from as little as $5 for a 2-5 working day expedited service.

Limited Time Free Shipping Products

How does it compare to shipping from Shenzhen directly? Take the ARDX Arduino Starter Kit for example: by purchasing the kit from the US website, you can get it for about $20 cheaper and in the same amount of time.

Warehouse Shipping Method Delivery Time Shipping Fee
Shenzhen DHL 2-3 days $26.38
Shenzhen SZ Post 15-35 days $11.23
US Los Angeles DHL SmartMail Parcel Plus Expedited 2-5 days $5

For now, products stocked in the US can only be purchased from the separate Seeed US website. If you cannot find the products you want on the US site, you may need to navigate to the global Seeed site and have it shipped from Shenzhen separately. Later we will integrate the sites and implement a smart checkout so you don’t need to check-out twice. As an extra bonus, shipping from the US warehouse will not be affected by the Chinese Spring festival, so you can still shop as normal throughout the holidays on the US site.
We hope this will be a long-term solution to an age-old problem and warmly welcomed by many US customers. If you have any feedback regarding the new warehouse or anything else about the Seeed Bazaar, please let us know. We will do our best to consider each one carefully and put it into practice. Make it happen by dropping us a message at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

BTW, there are only two weeks away from Valentine‘s Day! We’ve specially prepared a demo using Red LED matrix and full step-by-step tutorial to light up heart and more emoji! 

Build with Red LED Matrix and light up for your Valentine! 

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