Announcing the Cellular IoT Challenge on Hackster from Soracom, AWS and Seeed

Soracom has launched their Cellular IoT Cloud Challenge on! Seeed is proud to be a co-sponsor along with Amazon Web Services. Soraocom and Seeed developers know that our companies aim to make the experience of getting your systems up and running simple and easy, and with the numerous tools available it is nearly limitless what you can build. We are excited to see what the Hackster community will create and submit.

The synergy between Seeed, Soracom, Hackster, and AWS is as follows:

  1. Soracom provides the smart connectivity
  2. AWS has the world’s leading cloud computing platform
  3. Seeed Studio offers great development hardware and production/manufacturing expertise
  4. has the most creative community of makers and developers in the world
  5. Together, we offer a fun yet challenging contest that stretches contestants imagination, adds cloud computing, and up levels the contest to include scalability and security
  6. We are spreading the word about everything fun and interesting about cellular IoT and the cloud
  7. We let everyone see for themselves the ease and benefit of connecting physical devices to the cloud

Co-sponsoring the contest with us are our friends at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Seeed Studio who have made generous donations to make the contest next level for both free hardware and contest prizes. Additionally, Soracom has their Accelerator Program and IoT Fund.

To reward the efforts of those that submit the best projects to the contest, Soracom and partners are also offering ten fantastic prizes valued at over $10,000.  The grand prize is an all-expense paid trip to Japan, followed by category prizes including Parrot Drones, HTC Vive VR gaming kits, video gimbals (stabilizers), Seeed Studio gift baskets, and hundreds of dollars in AWS credits!!!

To help developers get started with cellular IoT, we are offering eighty (80) free hardware starter kits as part of the contest. There are 20 Seeed Studio WIO LTE kits, 20 Raspberry Pi kits, and 40 Huawei 3G dongle kits.  Each kit comes with a Soracom SIM card and AWS credits. Apply early to get your choice of starter kit – we’ll be awarding kits to approved project submissions in the order received, so apply early to get your choice of free hardware.

Joining us as judges of the contest are Jeff Barr, VP and Chief Evangelist at AWS, and Seth Welday, Product Marketing Manager at Seeed Studio, Kenta Yasukawa, PhD and  CTO of Soracom, Eugene Kawamoto, CEO pf Soracom US, and Rick Kawamura, head if Marketing with Soracom. All judges are excited to see what amazing ideas the contestants come up with!

Please check out the contest over on, apply for free hardware, and submit your project before the deadline.  And best of luck to all contestants.

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February 2019