Temperature with Arduino is a very basic and useful function, which makes it very important to choose the optimal temperature sensors for your projects. We have listed and compared more than 10 Arduino temperature sensors with detailed specification for your reference.

All these temperature sensors are designed and manufactured by Seeed and all available in Seeed Bazaar. This tutorial has compared different parameters and also the specific application between these 11 temperature sensors, which can fulfill most of your Arduino projects with temperature requirement. ​

You can also download different kinds of data sheet about temperature sensor from our tutorial, like ( DHT11,DHT22/AM2302,NCP18WF104F03RC, DS18B20, TH02, MLX90615, SHT31,OTP-538U, HDC1000 , BMP180,BMP280, BME280 ).

Furthermore, our technical support team has also shared some method about how to choose the optimal temperature sensors to measure.

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