All-new Grove E-Ink Displays on #newproductsTuesday

Hey Seeekers,

This week, we are excited to have two brand-new triple color E-Ink displays in our very own Grove family. They are the Grove – Triple Color E-Ink Display 1.54” and the Grove – Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13”.

Grove – Triple Color E-Ink Display 1.54”

Grove – Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13”

These E-Ink/E-Paper displays are very fun to use because they just look like printed paper. And also, these displays have no harm to eyes. Both these displays have a triple color display with Red, White and Black. An interesting feature of these displays is that the image on the display stays, even though there is no power to the display. They also have a very wide viewing angle. Below are some fun images on these paper-like displays.

These displays are very practical to use on the go because of the ultra-low power consumption which is typically less than 16mA. Even with this low power consumption, they are able to deliver high contrast images and also have high reflectance which makes these readable in daylight.

So what makes these two displays different?

These displays can be interfaced with a microcontroller vi UART. They have an on-chip display RAM which allows you to use any microcontroller without needing to think about not able to fit into them.

So, we hope you guys enjoyed our product release for this week! Stay tuned for more!

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February 2019