W600 Wireless Module and Grove W600 available for pre-orders!!!!

Hey Seeekers!!

After the announcement of W600 during Arm Dev Day, we just officially released the W600 Wireless Module and the Grove W600 for pre-orders!!!!

So, pre-order yours today to use these modules in your next IoT projects!!! Shipping will start from around the 22-23rd of May!!!

Please check here to dive into details of these products.

W600 Module

The W600 Module is a cost-effective 2.4GHz WiFi module which supports 802.11b/g/n. Seeed W600 Module is based on the W600 chip which features ARM Cortex-M3 with 1MB on-chip flash and freeRTOS kernel.

We take the pins of the W600 chip out and put them on the back of the board, including I2S/I2C/SPI/GPIO. In addition, this module has an onboard PCB Antenna, no need to design the antenna separately, so you can quickly deploy the module to your own board. We also have made CE/FCC certification for this module and you can use it directly for business projects.

Below you can see a pinout diagram of this module.

What’s more, for Arduino users we also released the Grove – W600 which is built around this module. The Grove – W600 makes it so convenient and cost-effective for makers to add WiFi, to Arduino compatible systems.

Grove – W600

The Grove-W600 module is the same as W600 with an additional Grove connector onboard. The onboard Grove connector makes it very easier for prototyping with the Grove – W600.

The Grove – W600 has,

  • One Grove connector
  • Two buttons(reset & config)
  • Three LED indicators(power/reset/wifi)

There is also an onboard PCB antenna on the W600 Module. This module supports AT command, so just plug the Grove – W600 into your Arduino compatible systems, it can enable WiFi easily via the software UART. We also take the pins of the W600 chip out and put them on the back of the board, in case you need to use the I2S/I2C/SPI/GPIO pins (our library does not support this part).

The most exciting part is that with the help of Android/IOS app it supports One Shot Activity function, which means you can connect and disconnect the WiFi network by pressing a single button. How convenient!!!

Here is a pinout diagram of this module:

After all, what makes W600 different from ESP8266 platform?

Well. Esp8266 has been around for some time and it is quite a popular wireless platform. However, W600 becomes a competitor to ESP8266 because of it’s competitive price. It only costs $3.79!!!!

Also here is a comparison between the two:

So that is it for this week. Hope you all liked our products. Stay tuned for more products releasing in the future!!

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