Immersive Innovation and Manufacture Tour In China

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This is Alice from Team Chaihuo x.factory, a maker space and fab lab operated by Seeed. Through building a connection with experienced makers, x.factory works as a router between traditional enterprises and domestic innovative maker teams, with a series of support from Seeed’s open-source hardware.

In this article, you will learn about Shenzhen’s Manufacturing Ecosystem by going on various factory tours. By visiting landmarks – such as the electronics hub HUAQIANGBEI, you can have a quick walkthrough of the product development process in Shenzhen.

Alongside those, you will be attending several meetups organized by x.factory to deepen your understanding of product development as well as broaden your connections in Shenzhen.

This tour is designed into 3 portions, all of which are optional:

  • Introduction to Rapid Prototyping
  • Understanding Shenzhen’s Manufacturing Ecosystem
  • Learning & Networking Opportunities.

——Rapid Prototyping——

To support your needs for rapid product development, we are offering a multitude of services such as: online components purchase, DFM Services, Work Station with multiple machines.

  • Seeed Fusion offers one-stop prototyping services for PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and other electronic and mechanical services.
  • Our DFM engineers are always ready to assist you with any potential bugs that might occur in the PCB design, which can help you improve it and make a better version than the original design.
  • You will have a designated work station in our makerspace, and are authorized to using a bunch of equipment such as 3D Printer, CNC Machine, Soldering Machine for your project.

——Understanding Manufacturing Ecosystem——

We provide consulting services in x.factory for traditional enterprises that are looking to innovate and R&D, giving them a better understanding of the fundamental infrastructure of the manufacturing supply chain.

To help developers get familiar with production and supply chain management, we arrange multiple factory tours around Shenzhen and Dongguan City. The goal is for developers to understand the backend of the manufacturing ecosystem, processes such as: digital fabrication, PCB, CNC, Woodworking factories, etc.

Manufacturer tours are at hand with versatile technologies of production. Afterwards, you might gain inspiration to enhance your product, or even better, have a new idea for a business solution. Who knows, you might actually find the right partner to manufacture your product, since you will get to be in contact with various manufacturers.


——Networking and Evaluating——

You will have the chance to meet with makers/developers/entrepreneurs here at x.factory, where they will conduct sharing sessions with live demonstrations. Not only do you get to interact with the speakers freely, but you can also even take it a step further with our technical mentoring sessions where you get hands-on experience in various equipment and projects.

We have been working with key players in vertical markets; such as Agriculture technology, AI, Big data, Blockchain, Business Management, etc. ; inviting them regularly to give talks at x.factory. A platform of unparalleled networking potential, it will undoubtedly widen your vision and expand your connections.

If you have any queries, feel free to approach us at
[email protected] to learn more about the China Innovation Camp.

This proposal is exclusively for group tours only.

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