Seeed in the “maker” community: A feature in a college book

Hey Seeeders, we have some good news to share with you!

Seeed was featured in “New Progressive College English Integrated Course”, a book used as a teaching material for the Intermediate English Course for college students, written by Yinhua Li and published by the Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. One of their articles introduced the “maker’ idea and mentioned us as a frontier for the maker culture in Shenzhen and an accelerator for hardware development.

As mentioned in the book, we are an example of how the maker culture has permeated into China, of how technology has enabled people to create more things. Through a common love for “making”, people from all walks of life gather, engineers, designers, artists, etc. gather in this community, and we provide the resources needed for them to build something of their own.

Our founder, Eric Pan, was interviewed in the book to comment on his views about the maker culture in China. Chaihuo Makerspace, the first makerspace in Shenzhen and powered by Seeed, was also mentioned and used in one of the interactive activity sections of the book.

Thank you Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press for featuring us inside one of your articles!

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