Find out compatible hardware for your SBC in a second with this system!

re_computer: prepare for the next edge.

Here at Seeed, we have a wide selection of popular system boards and SBC for you to build your own credit card desktop from the Raspberry Pi, Rock Pi, Jetson Nano, Coral Dev Board, BeagleBone Green, and many more!

However, there is a problem almost all of us face, finding compatible hardware for these boards. When purchasing SBC and system boards, often you are not only buying that one board but you are looking to buy a bunch of accessories and existing firmware to go along with the boards to build a system.

Over the years, we have received countless feedback from our customers about how hard and time consuming it is to find compatible hardware for their boards from individually looking at datasheets, specifications, etc to find out whether that particular hardware is compatible which takes up a TON of time.

For example, I want to build an Edge AI system with the Jetson Nano and I require a camera for this system. However, I do not know which cameras are compatible with the Jetson Nano. Now I have to go search for cameras that suits my project needs and then I have to search for its datasheet and specifications to see if it is compatible with the Jetson Nano. All these steps as you can tell takes up a lot of time.

This is why we decided to come up with this re_computer to help you find compatible hardware for your boards easily and quickly!

What is this system about?

How the Seeed re_computer works is that it allows you to design your solution all in one page where you choose your desired SBC, any compatible mission board (HATs, expansions) that you want, I/O modules, and nicely place them in the suitable enclosures/cases for field usage which are all filtered and compatible according to the SBC you chose. Rest assured, as we have tested full compatibility for all of the products listed on the page.

Here is a video in action!

As you can see from the video, as the SBC picked was the Raspberry Pi 4, all hardware listed is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4. You can also see that the page also has more filters under each heading for users to easily find what they are looking for. When you picked all the hardware you need, just press Add to Cart and you can checkout. As easy as that in under a minute or two, you can pick out all the compatible hardware you need for your board.

Say goodbye to time wasted looking at hardware specifications and datasheets to check whether the I/O modules, mission boards, user interfaces, etc are compatible as it is now all done for you with this re_computer system!

Feedback and Suggestions

As we love to hear from you guys, we are also looking forward to any suggestions and feedback you guys have about re_computer.

If you have any products that you have tested which are compatible with the boards and you would like to see them in this system do let us know in the forum!

We will give out a $10 store coupon to anyone who contributes to the community! Let’s help each other find compatibility for your hardware in a second!

Want to try out re_computer? You can do so here!

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February 2020