Altium Accelerates IoT and AI Hardware Development through Upverter and Seeed Collaboration

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The Upverter workspace contains all the tools for prototyping on SEEED platform

NUREMBERG, Germany – EMBEDDED WORLD – February 25th 2020 – Altium (ASX:ALU), announces that Seeed, the IoT hardware enabler, has embedded the Upverter electronic design application into its Seeed platform.  Seeed users can now go straight from creating a design to manufacturing in one session.

Upverter is a ground-breaking cloud-based design tool that allows anyone to design electronics. Until now, Gumstix was the only company using Upverter to create and manufacture custom electronics.  Now users can create Upverter-based designs and have them manufactured by Seeed. A hardware design can be completed in minutes, and ready to ship in fifteen business days.

“We are thrilled to see Altium has simplified electronic engineering to a new standard. Upverter is lowering the barrier for everyone to turn their sketch into a real board, thus enabling emerging applications on AI, IoT, Automations for wider deployment, “ said  Eric Pan, CEO of Seeed. “Seeed is honored to join the adventure by supporting our latest collections of open source hardware and agile manufacturing service!”

Upverter Key Capabilities:

  • Custom Web-design tool – embedded directly into  the Seeed ecosystem, Upverter provides a simple drag and drop design platform for all levels of designers enabling them to quickly build production-ready prototypes for IoT and AI applications.
  • Design to Build – Upverter allows Seeed users, makers or professional engineers,  to design custom hardware from the Seeed component library. The Board Builder is a menu driven application that allows users to rapidly populate a Upverter board, making the design/prototype process trivially easy.
  • Rapid Manufacturing –Seeed can manufacture and deliver custom hardware directly, or with partners. Auto BSP customized support could be a significant advantage.

Visit the Seeed stand to view the Upverter demonstration (Hall 3A-509) at Embedded World 2020, February 25-27 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany.

About Upverter

Upverter® is a free online design tool that lets almost anyone create electronic device designs. Hardware design can be created in minutes, complete with 3D preview, BOM documentations and pricing. Users can create multiple projects and go straight from a design to a production ready order in one session. To learn more about Upverter’s web design tool integration into Seeed visit .

About Altium

Altium LLC (ASX:ALU), a global software company headquartered in San Diego, Calif., is accelerating the pace of innovation through electronics. From individual inventors to multinational corporations, more PCB designers and engineers choose Altium software to design and realize electronics-based products. Products include Altium Designer®, Altium Concord Pro™, Altium 365®, Altium NEXUS®, CircuitMaker®, CircuitStudio®, Octopart®, and TASKING®. To learn more about Altium, visit

About Seeed

Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler, offering open hardware solutions and agile customization services.  Founded in 2008, Seeed is based in Shenzhen with branch offices in the EU, US and Japan.  By partnering with top tech providers, we speed up the application of new technologies across industries.  By enabling global developers to solve real-world problems, we encourage collaboration for a sustainable future. Visit for more information.

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