Microsoft Azure Sphere Hits General Availability

Azure Sphere, the end-to-end solution for securing IoT devices, is generally available, announced Microsoft on Feb 24, 2020. The general availability indicates Azure Sphere has been thoroughly tested in the preview stage and is now ready for scale-up in production and deployment. This is a milestone not only for Microsoft but also for all players in the IoT sectors, as Azure Sphere will deliver active security by default for IoT applications by companies and organizations large and small.

Among the many secure IoT applications, Azure Sphere has been used in Microsoft’s own datacenter as well as in the equipment of Starbucks stores globally.

And it’s universally acknowledged to developers that making a proof-of-concept is an important step in building an IoT solution. In this case, development boards and sensors will come in handy.

Since the hatch of Azure Sphere in April 2018, Seeed has been cooperating with Microsoft to provide a series of Azure Sphere products, including development boards (US, EU & JP version) based on MT3620, the chip developed by MediaTek; Mini Dev Board based on Ai Link’s WiFi module as well as extension boards that link Azure Sphere to a wide array of 300+ Grove Sensors and actuators, and more. With these products at hand, developers can get started and build various IoT applications with ease and efficiency.

With Azure Sphere hitting general availability, we are positive there will be an increase in secure IoT applications rising with the tide, be it IoT solutions in the smart home, smart office, smart factory or any other scenarios.

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February 2020