AI-based remote Temperature Inspection #What’s happening at Seeed Office

Today at the Seeed office, we started to use the AI-based remote Temperature Inspection system to simultaneously monitor the temperature of all of the employees at Seeed.

This AI-based remote Temperature Inspection is made by one of our customers and Seeed together. This system is perfect for populated locations where rapid temperature inspection is needed, especially in the situation of containing the COVID-19 pandemic where people need to wear masks while measuring the temperature.

Let’s take a look at how this system works!

The system is equipped with a facial recognition feature. As long as the facial information is in the database, the system can recognize faces and measure forehead temperature at the same time. The temperature inspection accuracy doesn’t get affected even when the person wears a mask.

  • Non-contact, remote forehead temperature inspection & facial recognition
  • Multi-point temperature data collection to ensure accuracy
  • Face detection to collect temperature data on faces and forehead only, avoiding interference from surrounding environments
  • Accurate temperature inspection even with masks on
  • Simultaneously monitoring the temperature of many people
  • Acute face recognition of people who are in the database
  • Play & play: Work right after the device is connected to the power and a display, no extra configuration needed
  • Alarm setting enabled: preset the lowest and highest temperature value, and when abnormal values are detected, the system will send out alarms

We will release the whole system at Bazaar online store so please stay tuned with us! Also, we are looking forward to hearing from the community for all kinds of partnership opportunities! Let’s make things happen from 1 to ∞ together!

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March 2020