Grove mmWave Radar is Coming Soon

What is a mmWave radar?

Electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 1 to 10 mm are generally called millimeter waves. This kind of electromagnetic waves have extremely wide bandwidth and narrow beam. Millimeter wave (mmWave) is a special class of radar technology that uses these electromagnetic waves.

The size of system components such as the antennas required to process mmWave signals is small. And mmWave radar has the ability to detect movements that are as small as a fraction of a millimeter. Because it can detect distance, velocity and angle of objects within its range precisely, it’s now widely used in automobile industry for ADAS.

Advanced Driver AssistantSystem(ADAS)

ADAS is a on-car system to assist drivers which provides functions like collision warning, parking assistance, blind spot detection, stop & go, etc. Many of our customers have already implemented some of these features on their Jetson Nano robot car. There are also many fantastic demos available in the maker and AI community.

However, a lot of these demos use camera as the only sensor to perform object detection or some other functions. Make full use of computer vision is certainly a good idea for low-speed driving in good weather conditions. But we all know CV relies on analyzing videos frame by frame. The detection system based on CV is certainly not real-time. Besides, during bad weather conditions, like foggy days, it becomes hard for cameras or IR sensors to functions precisely. Thus, mmWave radar is adopted by almost every automobile manufacturer on their ADAS.

To provide our customers with options of radar technology, we are manufacturing a 24 GHz mmWave radar.

Our 24 GHz mmWave radar

Grove Doppler Radar

The module is powered by a ultra-low power MMIC(BGT24LTR11) from infineon, the smallest 24GHz radar in the market and perfectly suitable for use-cases where low power, discrete design and long range is required.

The radar operates in 24.0 GHz to 24.25 GHz. It was designed with doppler-radar applications in mind — as it is capable of keeping the transmit signal inside the ISM band without any external PLL — and may also be used in other types of radar such as FMCW or FSK.

It can be used in a wide range of automation system, like IOT devices and robotics for detecting velocity, range and angle. There are also a lot more for you to discover.

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