Free Online Drop Shipping Available for Seeed Fusion Service (PCB, PCBA, 3D Printing)

Following an increasing number of inquiries for help with logistics and distribution, particularly from hobbyists and independent designers selling on online platforms from their homes, we released a free online drop shipping service for Seeed Fusion.

Drop shipping is a distribution method where goods are distributed right from the supplier or manufacturer to the end customers. Instead of having goods shipped from the supplier to you, and then to customers, with drop shipping, the supplier keeps the goods for you and ships them directly to customers when needed.

Since 2008, Seeed has been providing drop shipping services to its clients with its extensive logistics infrastructure and warehousing capabilities. Traditionally, drop shipping was reserved for larger quantities with costly storage fees and labor costs – out of reach for many small scale businesses. But by streamlining the service and creating a smart online platform that integrates with existing infrastructure, we are able to provide a free service for Seeed Fusion orders.


  • Easy to use platform – just upload a spreadsheet of addresses.
  • Real-time monitoring – view the status of your production order and shipment orders in one platform.
  • No need to make room for stock. We will keep your goods for 6 months for free.
  • No more packing goods or stocking up on packaging materials.
  • Make use of Seeed’s international logistics capabilities and sell to the world
  • Ideal for small businesses with more orders than they can handle.
  • No hidden fees – just pay for goods and shipping fees

The service is free and simple – there are no handling fees or storage fees for up to 6 months. You could even just use it to just send goods to multiple addresses. Find out more here.

Seeed Drop Shipping service overview

Currently, Shenzhen Post (SZ-Post) and DHL shipping methods are available, but this is just the tip of the iceberg – we are already working on further integrations and features with other Seeed branches.

Independent and small scale businesses selling on platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Tindie or any online platform have limited resources at their disposal, particularly when it comes to distribution. From packing to logistics, distribution can eat up a lot of time. With the free drop shipping service, you can get on with creating, designing and getting on with what really makes small businesses thrive.

We hope you will find the service useful and as always, we are welcome to any feedback or suggestions.

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April 2020