Make A Robot Kit – What’s in the Box

In gearing up for our Kickstarter Campaign here is a what’s in the box explanation of the star of the show Make A Robot Kit & as well as extension packs that will be available in various Kickstarter reward combinations.


Accessible yet Intelligent

According to a Mckinsey study, automation is set to displace up to 30% of the workforce by 20301. There will be many new jobs and changes to existing jobs, where involvement or understanding of Machine Learning and other AI concepts will be necessary.

We believe that we should equip our children with the skills of the futureArtificial Intelligence is a widely discussed, yet somewhat distant concept, so we developed a kit so that everyone can have a hands on learning experience to improve your understanding of technology while having fun!

Learning coding will be accessible for beginner and advanced learning levels, supporting graphical coding as well as text-based MicroPython. Robotics will be fun with a hands on simple assembly experience and boundless customization possibilities.

1. Make A Robot Kit

The most important kit, which comes with everything you need to get started. Of course as the name suggests all the components which you will assemble yourself to Make A Robot, and then the helpful pieces like a Quick Start Guide, project map for your first driving projects, and some recognition cards.

With Make A Robot Kit you can create projects such as

  • self-driving car,
  • automated logistics application where your robot differentiates between colors, shapes or an image
  • person detection where you could train your robot to follow it’s master around.
  • a robot which can react to and detect common objects around the house like a cup, book, chair
  • the list goes on, we have our pre-trained models for common objects, road signs, zoo animals, domestic animals and numbers. To go further, you can also train your own custom models.

The best way to find out what’s in the box is to get your own so why try to win a pre-release version. There are going to be some VERY attractive first day kickstarter specials so do yourself a favour, after you examine the image below, sign up to get notified.

What’s in the box – literally

2. MARK Recognition Card Pack

Extra recognition cards and accessories so you can make sure you recognize every possible object that MARK has pre-trained models for. The magnetic stickers used in conjunction with the electromagnet module, allow you to create projects where MARK recognizes an object and goes to pick it up.

3. MARK Machine Learning Pack

This pairs well with our supporting coursework on Machine Learning which has you creating your own SUMO battle robot when you graduate.

This pack includes enough structural pieces for two MARKS in SUMO mode, but you could always use the plates and brackets in other creative ways like carrying a light object or mounting a sensor or output module away from the chassis.

4. MARK Autonomous Driving Map

MARK comes in the form of a car, so the first projects that come to mind have some driving element. This pack is useful for

  • implementing races between robotic cars (not limited to MARK), via computer vision line following
  • autonomous vehicle competition using road sign cards
  • Themed missions
    • Logistics: Detect the required object marked by colour, shape, object or number, pick it up (with the electromagnet) and place it at the Finish
    • Zoo project – place road signs from the MARK or Recognition Cards Pack here, or make a Zoo themed project activity using ZOO animal image cards.

5. MARK Robotics Extension Pack

And finally, the most exciting pack because it offers you novel ways to interact with objects, or beings…

The grabber lets you feed your pet a treat after you’ve detected it using the pre-trained domestic animal model.

The slingshot, let’s be serious you’re probably just going to have fun with this one, but it can be very educational, detect a MARK recognition card that’s on top of a chair and adjust your code to aim & hit your target.

Excited?! Which pack are you going to get? Let us know in the comments.

Also, we’re running a competition to WIN a pre-release MARK. (Not all the packs, though they’re still in development. ) Find more details here.

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