What’s the difference between MLX90640 and MLX90641 thermal camera?

What’s a thermal camera?

A thermal camera is also called an infrared camera or a thermal imaging camera, which detects the temperature of the human body in real-time and outputs an infrared image. For more detail about the thermal camera, please check our earlier blog: Thermal Imaging And Its Applications

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the demand for thermal cameras has increased dramatically around the world. The most sought-after thermal camera sensors are the MLX90641 and MLX90640.

The bad news is that the MLX90640 is almost out of stock worldwide. The good news is that we still can get the MLX90641 thermal camera from Seeed. So what’s the difference between MLX90640 and MLX90641 thermal camera? Can the MLX90641 replace the MLX90640 completely?

The difference between MLX90640 and MLX90641

Before answering this question, first, we need to know that there are two models of MLX90640 and MLX90641. The wide view angle version with FOV(field of view) 110°x75°; the narrow view angle version with FOV 55°x35°。

Actually, MLX90641 and MLX90640 have almost the same functions, parameters, and usage. They share the same MLX9064x software library:

There are two major differences: the number of pixel dots, and the difference in operating temperature.

Pixels16×12=192 pixels32×24=768 pixels
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +125°C -40°C ~ +85°C
Measurement Range-40°C~+300°C -40°C~+300°C

As you can see, MLX90640 has more pixels which means the image quality will be better, while MLX90641 can work in a wider temperature range. In fact, the MLX90641 meets the industry temperature while MLX90640 does not.

In fact, the key difference is that MLX90640 is out of stock and hard to come by; whereas you can now easily buy Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera – MLX90641 at Seeed!


In most scenarios, the MLX90641 is a direct replacement for the MLX90640, such as with a temperature gun. However, it is not recommended for scenes with high display quality requirements.

To tell you a secret, If you don’t need a high-resolution IR image, then you can use the AMG8833 with 8*8 pixels, which can also be used for body temperature detection and is much cheaper.


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