The all-new Linux Kernel 5.10 will be the newest Long-Term Support Kernel

Linux kernel developer, Greg Kroah-Hartman has recently unveiled that their next Long Term Support (LTS) will be Linux Kernel 5.10, which will set to be available by December 2020.

The all-new Linux Kernel 5.10 will be the newest Long-Term Support Kernel

As with all their other LTS, Linux kernel 5.10 will receive support for up to two years. Since there is sometime before it officially drops, hardware vendors can take this time to prepare for it.

What’s new in Linux Kernel 5.10

In this update, Linux Kernel 5.10 brings processor supports, file system and storage optimization, and networking modules. But mostly it’ll be on driver updates.


  • Continuation of USB4 support
  • Synaptics touchpad support for new laptop models
  • Creative SoundBlaster Ae-7 support
  • Intel DG1 audio output support


  • Work added to the upcoming Intel Rocket Lake processors (Release in Match 2021)
  • Performance update and fixes for AMD Zen 3 processor
  • Meteor Lake and Alder Lake processors
  • File optimization and storage improvements


  • Matrox G200 desktop graphics card support
  • Raspberry Pi VC4 support
  • New feature support for Intel Rocket Lake Gen12 graphics and AMD RDNA/ Radeon RX 6000 series

Other Changes

As mentioned, driver updates and hardware support are the main changes in this kernel. However, the improvement in support for NVIDIA Orin, SoundBlaster AE-7 and Tiger Lake GPU will be worth taking note of.

Release Candidate

To ensure Linux Kernel 5.10 will be ready and up for running in mid-December 2020, they would like users to help them test it. Thus, should you wish to try out their pre-released version, go ahead and download the first Release Candidate from their website here! Do note that you should not install it on production machines.

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