Seeed Fusion 2021 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Updates

Here you will find all the latest updates regarding the Chinese New Year holiday and when things will start rolling again. If there is anything we learned last year, it is that nothing is set in stone and things can change suddenly on a day-to-day basis. We will do our best to provide timely updates and forecasts based on the information available to us.

To give a little background, there are still only a handful of COVID-19 cases in a number of cities in China, however, the authorities are taking extra precautions as the ‘largest human migration on earth’ increases the risk of spreading the disease. Consequently, many migrant workers are choosing to take leave early due to quarantine requirements at home, and some may find it difficult to return. As a result, many factories are choosing to close earlier than usual, and we cannot pinpoint exactly when production can return to business as usual.

Please note that this information will very likely change on short notice, so please be sure to refer to this page regularly for updates.

Please note:

All production lines are now closed for the holidays, production is expected to return on the 22nd. Thank you for your understanding and have a happy Chinese New Year!

Aluminum board production is estimated to return a few weeks after the other PCB production lines.

Please contact us to cancel orders that have not already started production and/or arrange partial shipments.

If you must have your boards before we break up for the holidays please please please keep the boards simple and choose green solder mask and 1.6mm board thickness. Production lines for such boards are the fastest and the “last day for PCB orders” applies only for these boards from the quickturn/standard PCB service. Please also make sure the quantity is not too high. If the production time is displayed as 3-4 days on the order form for the green boards then they can be completed before production stops.

We recommend placing PCB orders a day before this date to give it time to go through the system and accommodate for any time lag.

Shipping Arrangements:

The last day for DHL shipments is the 8th. Orders completed on the 5th can be shipped on this date. Other methods are also available on this date except for FedEx. Please avoid FedEx in the meantime for rush orders.

Thank you for your understanding as always and we’ll see you after the holidays! Stay safe!

– – Be sure to check this page regularly for any changes! – –

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