New Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Service available via Seeed Fusion

Seeed is delighted to welcome the Cable Assembly service as part of the Seeed Fusion one-stop-shop for hardware manufacture. Now you can request custom cables online with just a few clicks. Select from over 40 popular connector heads, 10 to 30AWG conductors, shielding materials and special features such as heat and oil resistance directly on the online platform, or submit your specific requirements for review.

When custom cables are needed

Having custom cables made precisely to your specifications can be the optimal solution for your application or product. By designing your own cables, you can fine-tune them to reduce wiring volume and weight, carry certain currents or resist environmental extremes or interferences. Or perhaps your application is so unique, that off-the-shelf solutions simply do not exist. That is where custom cable manufacture is essential.

Whether it is a simple wire needed in the tens of thousands or a few prototypes of a complex design, the Seeed Fusion cable service is a complete turnkey solution that can cater to a wide variety of specialist requirements and volumes at competitive prices. Starting at just $199USD, having your custom cables made precisely to your specifications could not be easier or more affordable.

Why Choose Seeed Fusion for your custom cable and wire harness needs?

The Seeed Fusion Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harness service is a complete sourcing, manufacturing and cable assembly solution.

  • Request a quotation using the online form.
  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ), suitable for prototyping.
  • Affordable – custom cables from just $199 including parts.
  • Engineering and design support. We can design high-quality connectors or replicate or suggest alternatives in-house to save costs and speed up the lead time.
  • Over 40 standard connector receptacles, and a variety of shielding materials, wire thicknesses and features.
  • Connector Types Include:
    • Wire to Board Connectors
    • Wire to Wire Connectors
    • Through-hole Connectors
    • SMT Connectors
    • Terminal and Sheath Connectors

Can’t find what you are looking for? Include your specific requirements with your cable drawing for our engineers to review. Thousands of additional options are available.

How to Get started

Get customized cables to your specifications in three simple steps.

  1. Upload your cable drawing and requirements and select your options on the Seeed Fusion cable assembly webpage. Our engineers will review all the information and update the quotation within one working day.
  2. After confirming payment, the engineers will prepare the design if needed and confirm the prototype with you.
  3. Once we get the all ok, batch production can begin.

Depending on the availability of parts and the need for cable design, the lead time may vary from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The Seeed Grove cables used in the Grove ecosystem are an example of custom made cables with a proprietory receptacle. Similar to the JST 4 pin receptacle, the Grove receptacles have additional latching mechanisms to make sure the Grove modules hang on tight. Grove cables are available in a variety of different lengths and configurations.

Some of the Seeed Grove cables and their variants

The SenseCAP series of industrial sensors use heavy shielding for the cables to resist outdoor extremes of weather and long-term use. The soil moisture and temperature sensors, for example, is designed to be buried deep underground. Sensors connecting to a hub consist of one of many sensors and the other end is a custom-made waterproof connector designed specifically for use with the SenseCAP ecosystem. Most SenseCAP sensors are also available with standard hook-up wires.

A few of the Seeed SenseCAP long length cable sensors

Choose Seeed Fusion as your custom cable partner and request a quotation today. Submit your cable specification here. For inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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