Brand new Blynk IoT Platform released, with official support for Wio Terminal!

Blynk unveils its next-generation IoT application development platform, making its enterprise-grade applications available to the world’s over 500,000 developers and driving innovation in the space.

Blynk, which was founded in 2014 is known for its best-in-class mobile app editor that pioneered the no-code approach to IoT app development. Blynk provides a complete set of tools for prototyping, deploying, and managing connected electronic devices

Wio Terminal Officially Supported by Blynk IoT

The Wio Terminal was already officially supported by Blynk before. The integration of Blynk within the Wio Terminal allows users to easily interact with the Blynk software and app via Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Users were able to control hardware from their Blynk app on their phones easily, and also create project dashboards, arrange buttons, slides, graphs, and other widgets to create your ideal IoT dashboard!

Blynk app support has always been one of the most frequently requested features by our hardware customers. We’re happy to partner with Blynk to have their next generation available on our Wio Terminal. With Blynk, our community members will be able to access all of the new Blynk capabilities and explore IoT in a more efficient way.

New Blynk Release with New Awesome Features!

We are so happy to partner with Blynk’s new platform to enable new IoT capabilities on Wio Terminal to unlock more possibilities with all developers!

How to connect your Wio Terminal to Blynk new platform:

To connect your Wio Terminal to Blynk, all you need is an iOS or Android Mobile phone with the Blynk App installed. You can follow this step-by-step guide on connecting your Wio Terminal to Blynk.

In this article, Dmitry from Seeed explained how to achieve anomaly detection for predictive maintenance with the new Blynk IoT Platform and also learn TinyML using Wio Terminal and Arduino IDE.

Go to Blynk web dashboard and create a new account. Then create a new template – templates are digital models of the device which can be inherited by multiple devices with similar functionality. The power of templates is an instant update of the device data model no matter the size of your device fleet. Follow the guide and see how easy it is to connect Blynk to Wio Terminal to create your next IoT application!

Hope you enjoy using the powerful duo of Blynk and Wio Terminal. And don’t forget to send us examples of your work – we’d love to share it with our community!

Previously, Blynk already comes with 

  • Blynk App – allows you to build awesome interfaces for your projects by combining numerous widgets.
  • Blynk Libraries – allows contact with the server and process all incoming and outgoing commands for all common hardware platforms.

With the new release, millions of engineers and entrepreneurs around the world will be able to develop and commercialize new connected products thanks to the new Blynk platform. The new software is designed to work with projects of any size. his new software comes with

  • Blynk.360: a web dashboard for monitoring devices, controlling who has access to data, performing over-the-air updates, and more.
  • A novel approach to the development of device models
  • Blynk.Inject: a built-in WI-FI manager in the latest Blynk app.
  • Automations of all sorts 
  • Voice assistants, and many more!

Here is a brief illustration of Blynk 360 and Blynk.Inject!

Blynk 360: Highly Effective Web Application

Source: Blynk

An easy and clean user interface that allows you to easily connect and manage your devices, control access to your IoT service, and track your usage.

Blynk.Inject: Provisioning and Profiling for Devices

Source: Blynk

Device Profiling to allow users to add Metadata to the device after it was connected to WiFi. Users can pre-configure their device or input additional information about the device. Users can configure which fields are added, which fields are required, and which ones to include in device profiling on the mobile phone.

There are many more different features added including automation and device management, but here are the more prominent ones! You may find out more about the new software in Blynk’s article!

How to get started on Blynk with Wio Terminal

To connect your Wio Terminal to Blynk, all you need is an iOS or Android Mobile phone with the Blynk App installed!

You can then follow this guide on our Wiki Page that will guide you step-by-step on connecting your Wio Terminal to Blynk! 

Advantages of using Blynk with Wio Terminal

Blynk is the most popular IoT platform to connect your devices to the cloud. It is well-known for allowing users to design apps to control their IoT devices, analyse telemetry data, and manage your deployed products at scale. 

Blynk comes with several significant advantages that brought them to become the most popular IoT platform.

Advanced yet Simple User-Interface

Source: Blynk

As mentioned, the creators of Blynk aim to “make the Internet of Things simple for you”, while not compromising the multitude of simple to advanced features that they constantly offer. That’s their motto.

Therefore, you can be assured that even if you’re a beginner who is just getting started with the Wio Terminal, or if you’re a power-user who is trying to make the best out of your Wio Terminal, there will always be something for you when you use Blynk! Furthermore, Blynk’s new release comes with a plethora of advanced features mentioned above, that is easy to use for beginners, and still fun for advanced users!

Wireless Automations for your Convenience

Blynk’s new release comes with Automation features that cannot be found on many IoT platforms! These Automations even works wirelessly, only requiring the Blynk app to configure the devices automation settings via WiFi.

Source: Blynk

There is a whole variety of automation features that comes with Blynk. Here are some examples:

  • Time of Day – Set your Wio Terminal to perform a task at a specific time of the day.
  • Sunset/rise – Set your Wio Terminal to perform a task at sunset or sunrise.
  • Device State – When the temperature of the environment drops below or exceed a certain temperature, the Wio Terminal will perform a task.
  • Scene (manual trigger) – With the power of Over-the-Air Automations, you can trigger your Wio Terminal to perform a preset task with just a tap on your smartphone.

Automations unlocks a whole new world of projects that you can do with your Wio Terminal. For example, you can also preset your Wio Terminal to perform a task on an attached module at a specific time every day!

Versatile yet reliable, allowing for Scalability

Blynk IoT platform can be used with over 400 different hardware models that work out of the box! You can easily connect them over via WiFi, LTE, 2G-4G or Ethernet. This means that in the future if you would like to expand your current IoT system, you can do so without any difficulties.

You can be assured that you will not be hindered by any unsupported hardware that disallows you to expand your IoT system. Blynk was implemented in many different professional industries as well, such as the beer brewing industry. They received several appraisals, more prominently for their ease-of-use and their reliability, whilst still being very versatile and advanced. You can read some of these appraisals and real-life accounts on Blynk’s official website!

Affordable Entry to the World of IoT

It’s never been easier to start a new IoT-enabled company or create a connected product with Blynk. With the many advanced features paired up with the simple user interface offered for the Wio Terminal with Blynk, they are still charging very affordable pricing for businesses and consumers to start building their own prototype and IoT projects. 

Their Free Developer Plan already provides access to their advanced mobile apps, with free cloud and data storage to get you started developing and working on your projects! You can prototype for free and then upgrade to professional plans for less than the cost of a TV subscription, allowing you to get your new connected device into the hands of your users in weeks. You can learn more about their pricing here!


Blynk’s new release has been out in public and it is packed with many new features! The Wio Terminal is officially supported by Blynk allowing you to use all of Blynk’s features with the Wio Terminal.

Sign-ups are already available for the latest Blynk platform on the company website, and the mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The pricing model is extremely adaptable, and it is designed to work with companies at all stages of growth.

Using Blynk with the Wio Terminal will bring several benefits, with their simple yet advanced UI and features! Find out how to use your Wio Terminal with Blynk now!

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