Upcoming Webinar: Seeed Joins tinyML Talks on Speech-to-Intent Model Deployment to Low-Power & Low-Footprint Devices

                                                                    Figure 1. Dmitry Maslov on tinyML Talks (ⓒ tinyML)

Today, I’m excited to share an informative and mind-boggling online event with you all! On 31st of August (8:00A.M.-9:00A.M. Pacific Daylight Time), our Machine Learning Engineer and Product Manager, Dmitry Maslov, will be joining tinyML Talks Webcast, to share his experience and tips about speech-to-intent models on low-power, and low-footprint devices, such as microcontrollers. He will specifically touch base on a deployment case study on Cortex M4F-based Development Board, using built-in microphone and Wio Terminal.

For everyone interested in this deep dive, please register ASAP (audience capacity is limited) via the following link:

FYI, at Seeed, Dmitry primarily works on machine learning applications for embedded devices (both MCUs and SBCs). Not long ago, he published a TinyML project series in a course, in which he showcases using Edge Impulse/Tensor flow Lite for microcontrollers to tackle challenging sensor data analysis-related tasks using the Wio Terminal.