October 21th: Eric Pan (Founder of Seeed Studio & Chaihuo Maker Space) Invited as a Guest Speaker for the UN ITU’s “AI for Good” Event

“AI for Good” (Figure 1) is an annual blockbuster series of activities organized by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU). It includes many interesting topics and aims to promote the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sharing and discussing the applications of AI solutions. Among them, jointly hosted by ZTE, Linux Foundation, and Peng Cheng Laboratory, the thematic webinar on “Open Source, Accelerating AI Innovation” will be held online next week, on October 21st – which Seeed Studio will participate in.


Figure 1. Webinar on “Open Source, Accelerating AI Innovation” (AI for Good, 2021)


What’s on the Agenda?

AI, the Artificial Intelligence, is reshaping all aspects of human life, ranging from daily APPs we use to education, healthcare, tourism, entertainment, and even manufacturing. In this unlimited realm of AI, development of open source technology (aka, open tech) is the key driving force for sustainable innovation. Now, some might ask questions as:

Why the open tech is so important for AI, and how does it function with AI? For what purpose should we be using open source hardware and software tools? How do they help accelerate the SDGs? Why multi-stakeholder partnerships matter for the sustainable future of humanity?

Indeed, such questions will all be covered in the thematic discussion on “Open Source, Accelerating AI Innovation”. In this webinar, various experts in the field of open source technology and AI  from China and abroad will facilitate the audience to take a deep-dive into learning the positive roles and unleashed potential of open tech in promoting AI innovations and applications, while being exposed to their latest tech breakthroughs in open source exploration.


Figure 2. Mr. Eric Pan, the CEO of Seeed Studio


On this occasion of ITU’s AI for Good webinar series partnered with ZTE, Mr. Eric Pan (Figure 2) is going to share his expertise and insights on the topic of “Meaningful AI Solutions by the Rest of Us”. He will share how open source hardware has enabled global innovators to resolve glocally-entrenched challenges, specifically by deploying the latest IoT and AI technologies. Furthermore, he shall shed light on how Edge AI combined with IoT will be able to unleash great potentials of indie tech solutions with agility.


How Can I Participate?

Time: October 21, 8:00-12:00 (Geneva Time) OR 14:00-18:00 (Beijing Time)

Location: Zoom Online Conference (Limited to 200 people)

Registration Method: Scan the QR code of the poster below, or click here to register.



About Seeed Studio

Established in 2008, Seeed Studio is the IoT solution provider for all types of traditional industries’ sustainable digitalization in Shenzhen – the Silicon Valley of China – with its branch offices in the USA and Japan. At present, Seeed Studio’s technological products (IoT, AI, and Edge Computing) and customization services are rapidly used and deployed for smart agriculture, smart cities, smart environmental monitoring, smart animal farming, smart aquaculture, meteorological monitoring, and all types of emerging future scenarios, enabled by the Industry 4.0. Seeed Studio works for 1,000,000+ service users in 180 countries, and has strategic partnerships with 200+ industry players. With the company’s mission to “Empower Everyone to Achieve Their Digital Transformation Goals” (which shares similar values with SDGs’ Motto of “Leave No One Behind”), Seeed Studio is devoted to using open source technologies for accelerating SDGs together with multi-stakeholders from UN agencies, academia, companies, governments, public organizations, CSOs, and more.


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