How to Start Learning TinyML with Wio Terminal?

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In the early days, Seeed had released a bunch of courses about using graphical programming to learn TinyML on Github, which is suitable for any age quickly starting their journey of Machine Learning. TinyML, as we called Tiny Machine Learning or Embedded Machine Learning, is becoming more and more popular these days, as it compared to Machine Learning contains some unique advantages such as low energy, low cost, easy carry, etc.

Seeed found it might be some difficulties during the studying or programming of Machine Learning. So here it comes up with some guidelines about using CodeCraft graphical programming to quickly program some learned machines that belong to you. Following the instruction, you will be able to understand what is machine learning through a tiny and interesting module – Wio Terminal. Wio Terminal is a microcontroller that can carry out ML algorithms and is yet designed as a card-size device. In the end, through Wio Terminal and corresponding courses you might find out the principle of Machine Learning might be much easier than you think.

The course first briefly introduces TinyML, the usage of Wio Terminal, and CodeCraft. And then based on built-in or external sensors in Wio Terminal, by working the step by step projects, it will one by one conclude the basic Machine Learning theories in simple ways. Thanks to Wio Terminal’s rich embedded designs, sensors like accelerometer, light sensor, microphone, etc can be directly used during the projects. And at the end of each project, it will conclude a basic Machine Learning theory. During the project, CodeCraft graphical programming ensures the process is easy to understand and Wio Terminal makes the usage is clear to manage.

The course is currently uploaded on Github and contains both English and Chinese version. The whole course is open source in the form of MIT and it is welcome to use all the resources of this course freely. It is our pleasure to show the interesting TinyML world to you and we are grateful that hear suggestions from you. It would be honored if we can get the participation of you translating the course. Come join us and make it even better!

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