Event to Sign-Up: TinyML4D Workshop – Get Started with Wio Terminal and Edge Impulse!

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You might also feel the trend that Machine Learning networks are getting smaller. Much smaller enough to run on microcontrollers, which is known as Embedded Machine Learning or tinyML. To embrace the trend and contribute to this emerging global tinyML community, we, at Seeed, have been developing hardware products that support tinyML (i.e., Wio Terminal, Wio RP2040, Seeed XIAO BLE Sense), while launching software platforms “Codecraft” and a landing page “Hello World of AI”. Simultaneously, we’re happy and honored to become the tinyML Foundation’s Gold Sponsor this year to provide indispensable support to the growing community around the world.

For today, we’re excited to share that we’ll have a series of collaborations with “The Tiny Machine Learning Open Education Initiative” (aka. TinyMLedu), starting with a joint-effort online workshop. TinyMLedu is an initiative hosted by Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in collaboration with the tinyML Foundation, that aims to improve global access to educational materials for potential tinyML users. 

On Friday, 10th of December from 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. (GMT), TinyMLedu will host a Seminar for their TinyML4D Academic Network, where Seeed has been invited to carry out a “TinyML4D workshop – Get Started with Wio Terminal and Edge Impulse”. At this workshop, our Application Engineer Huiying Lai will go through introductions to tinyML, Wio Terminal, and Edge Impulse, followed by a step-by-step project tutorial, and a tinyML-powered project demonstration. With this practical workshop, you’ll enter the field of tinyML, by delving into training, deploying, and programming models for your upcoming tinyML projects.

Even though the workshop was initially reserved for the members of TinyMLedu’s TinyML4D working group (academic institutions working to disseminate tinyML through education to developing countries), we (both TinyMLedu and Seeed) have decided to open 40 spots available for community members to have a dialogue and even explore upcoming collaborations with the academic institutions in the network. We believe, that making this more inclusive and engaging for a larger audience will be favorable for this whole initiative.

So, if you are interested in contributing to expanding access to tinyML by establishing educational practices on a larger scale around the globe, welcome to sign up by commenting on anything you want to share on our LinkedIn post here. We will send out the Zoom invites to people who give the first 40 comments.

Now go comment to seize yourself a spot!

If you’re not very familiar with TinyMLedu, here is a basic intro that I hope will help you tap into this emerging community.

“We are an international group of academics and industry professionals working to improve global access to educational materials for the cutting-edge field of tinyML. tinyML brings the transformative power of Machine Learning (ML) to the performance- and power-constrained domain of embedded systems. Successful deployment in this field requires knowledge of applications, algorithms, hardware, and software. TinyMLedu is hosted by the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in collaboration with the tinyML Foundation.”


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