Seeed Studio to Exhibit at the LoRaWAN World Expo 2022

Shenzhen, China-June 24, 2022-Seeed Studio announced today that it will exhibit at the LoRaWAN World Expo taking place in Paris on July 6 and 7, 2022. Seeed Studio will feature its latest LoRaWAN hardware solutions including SenceCAP LoRaWAN devices, reThings series, and LoRa Modules, etc at Booth #62.  

“LoRaWAN is enabling digital transformation as the only LPWAN ready to scale, and massive IoT is ushering in an exciting era of opportunity to increase global sustainability, safety, and efficiencies for the planet and its people. Come experience the Power of LoRaWAN at the LoRaWAN® World Expo in Paris, France!”

–Eric Pan, CEO and founder of Seeed Studio

“The LoRaWAN World Expo provides access to the entire LoRaWAN ecosystem, an unparalleled opportunity to network with leading experts and businesses using LoRaWAN. I’m excited to learn about Seeed Studio and how it is leveraging the standard to expand its business and the impact that it is achieving with LoRaWAN.”

–Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance

Since its establishment in 2008, Seeed Studio, as LoRa Alliance member, has created a lot of hardware devices based on LoRaWAN technology, serving the fields of agriculture, meteorology, and environmental monitoring. For this expo, the following products would be exhibited:

  • SenseCAP LoraWAN Series:


SenseCAP ONE S700 7-in-1 Compact Weather Sensor       

SenseCAP A1101 – LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor     

SenseCAP S2101- LoRaWAN Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

SenseCAP S2102 – LoRaWAN Light Intensity Sensor

SenseCAP S2103- LoRaWAN CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor      

SenseCAP S2105-LoRaWAN Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC Sensor        

Industrial pH Meter/ Sensor

Here’s the newest video of the SenseCAP S210x Series unboxing and shows how to deploy in your area:


SenseCAP M2 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

SenseCAP LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway

Data Logger:

SenseCAP S2100 LoRaWAN Data Logger

  • LoRa Modules:


Grove – LoRa-E5         

WM1110 Module        

WM1302 LoRaWAN Gateway Module (SPI/USB)

  • reThings Series



Up till now, Seeed has shipped 300K+ LoRaWAN products worldwide, deployed in real-world scenarios serving smart agriculture, smart city projects in Africa, Jamaica, France etc.

Welcome to join Seeed Studio at the LoRaWAN World Expo at Booth #62 at the Palais des Congres in Paris on the 6th and 7th of July, discover more about the future of the internet of things, and seek cooporation opportunities with Seeed using LoRaWAN.

About Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio is the IoT hardware partner for digital innovators. Since 2008, they have been working closely with global technology ecosystems to provide hardware modules, devices, and related services. They integrate the latest technology into thousands of open-source hardware modules so that millions of developers, makers, and innovators coming from different backgrounds can innovate interdependently. With professional and industrial expertise in Embedded Machine Learning, Edge Computing, LoRaWAN sensors, and networks, their ready-to-deploy products are increasingly accelerating myriads of emerging digital solutions in the real world. On this backdrop, their work has been well recognized by both technology and mainstream media, thanks to their avid services for smart energy, digital factory, smart retail, precise agriculture, and scientific research, to mention a few.

About the LoRaWAN World Expo

The LoRaWAN® World Expo 2022 will take place in Paris, France on July 6 and 7. The event brings together industry leaders from around the world, enterprises, device makers, system integrators, distributors, developers, solution providers, educational institutions, IoT alliances, influencers, and more to learn, share experiences and get a glimpse into the future of LoRaWAN. As the official LoRaWAN event of 2022 produced by the LoRa Alliance®, the expo features a strong technical and business conference alongside a dynamic vendor exhibition. Together, the Expo offers 2,000+ attendees the opportunity to network with the LoRaWAN ecosystem, discover new partnerships, meet LoRa Alliance members, create new business opportunities, and learn how to advance IoT solutions to drive ROI. Join us to see how massive IoT is ushering in an exciting era of opportunity to increase global sustainability, safety, and efficiencies for the planet and its people.

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