How Does Soil Sensor Work For Your Lawns

You might don’t know how does soil sensor that can help you detect your lawn, Here are 4 points will be the problem you might need to solve when planting lawns, but they can use a smart sensor to help you monitor your lawns.

What is Temperature Right for sowing down grass seed? 

In fact, the soil temperature is a very critical part of planting lawns. the soil temperature for grass seed germination is 15℃ to 30 ℃. If the soil temperature is lower than 10 ℃. the seeds will be dormant and will not germinate. It is betters to get a sensor to help you track the soil temperature so you can avoid the grass seed getting dormant.

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Fertilizers for lawns

When it is found that the grass or plant grows slowly or stops growing, do not blindly apply fertilizer to supplement nutrition. Sometimes you want to add more fertilizer to your lawn, but it will cause the lawn to grow slowly or stop growing. When you find this problem, don’t blindly add fertilizer to supplement nutrients. A product with an EC sensor should be used to see if there is a problem with the EC of the soil.

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After laying down and finishing the fertilizer for grass seed what do you need to do?

Since the grass seeds are freshly planted, you need to keep watering. In high temperature or drought, irrigate at least 1-2 times a day. In summer, the temperature is relatively high. When watering, avoid the high-temperature period. Do not water at noon, but water in the morning or evening. The lawn is easy to go dormant in winter, so it is necessary to water antifreeze water once before winter, and water less in winter. If it rains, you don’t need to water the lawn. Sometimes the soil surface is dry or even crack but the deep soil is still moist. So you might need a sensor to help you get the soil moisture information.

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Environment Temperature / Air Temperature

You may know that all the plants or vegetables need to control their temperature. Of course, lawns/grass need to control the temperature too. the perfect Air Temperature for grass seed germination is 20℃ to 30 ℃. And you can use a normal temperature sensor to check, is the right temperature for grass germination. But it prefers to get a smart sensor that has EC and soil detection function, which will make it easier.

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Actually, There’s a smart sensor that can help you get all the above data or information which is called SenseCAP S2105, S2105 wireless soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor is based on FDR technology with advantages of simple, safe, fast, and accurate, long-term measurement, wide range, and simple calibration. It is a kind of soil moisture measurement instrument worth recommending. It is a perfect fit for your greenhouse, your garden, or even your front yard lawns or plants. This sensor makes your garden way easier to manage or observe the health of plants etc.

Here’s the newest video of the SenseCAP S210x Series unboxing and shows how to deploy in your area

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