POWER-UP PCBA #20: Build your Grove Magnetic Connector Project with FREE Prototypes from Seeed Fusion

Raise your projects to the next level with the power of magnetism!

Nowadays, we can’t live without the presence of smart devices, whether it’s the smart monitoring watch we wear when we exercise, the smart glasses in Ready Player One to feel the otherworldly world, the smart home that doesn’t require physical touch or the electric toys with magnetic links.

Seeed is now launching Grove magnetic connectors to inspire more intuitive designs! If you like smart wearables, clever domestic devices, or even electric-powered toys with magnetic connections, you can now try out these simple to use connectors! This marketing campaign is open to all hardware enthusiasts, designers, makers, and engineers around the world. 

What is the Grove Magnetic Connector

Magnetic connectors are now widely used in electronic devices and consist mainly of spring pins and magnets. They can create reversible electrical connections between multiple devices, for example modular projects, charging cables and more. The Grove magnetic connectors are used extensively in Grove Zero boards enabling creative 3-dimensional connections and a brand new way of building electronic projects.

These unique magnetic connectors do not require soldering and can be removed and replaced from the PCB board freely. Just design a 1.5mm pitch gold finger connection on a 1.2mm PCB board and your design can use the Grove magnetic connector. A robust N52 magnet ensures a strong connection which can be used to connect not just from the end but also the top and bottom, allowing you to stack modules with a light snap. Furthermore, this connector is RoHS, UL94V-0, and EN71 toy safety directive compliant.

If you have any ideas for custom projects based on this Grove magnetic connector, we’d love to share your project with the community and promote the results we’ve birthed together on different platforms.

Magical magnets that impress your community and draw them together inexplicably.

If you have an interesting concept or idea using Grove magnetic connectors, we will be happy to share it with the community. Share it with us and we can help you make it a reality with Seeed Fusion’s one-stop shop capabilities. Get 2 boards fabricated and assembled completely free with Seeed Fusion’s turnkey PCB Assembly service.

Meanwhile, if you have mass production requirements (over 1000 units) based on these magnetic connectors, you can get the Grove Zero magnetic connector for only US$0.90 (More than 80% discount, original price US$4.90) using the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly service and the Seeed Fusion Open Parts Library (OPL). 

The Open Parts Library contains parts locally available at lower prices. We highly recommend taking advantage of the Seeed OPL with the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly service to drastically reduce the lead time and cut costs.

How to apply?

  • Each person is limited to two PCBA boards 100% FREE for one design. The custom design must use the Grove magnetic connector.
  • Please click the link and fill in the form: https://forms.gle/FgDFSsN4CTKxrKha8
  • When preparing the BOM file, just add the Seeed SKU 320990444 to your BOM file. Add the order to the cart then contact our customer support ([email protected]) to obtain the corresponding cash coupon for settlement.
  • By participating in this event, you agree to review your experience with us and allow us to share it and the design with the community on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.). The design does not need to be open-sourced and production files will not be shared with the public (unless you want to). 
  • We hope your experience will go on to inspire more users/customers to utilize the Grove magnetic connector in their projects with the help of Seeed Fusion from smart wearables, Smart home equipment, automation, and more.

Raise your customized Grove magnetic connector projects to the next level with Seeed Licensed Product Program

Seeed can assist designers with an established project plan with product development and mass production. Furthermore, the designer may license Seeed to manufacture and sell your products to the community all over the world and share profits, check more info on Seeed Licensed Product Program

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