Invitation to Join Seeed Community on Discord

Hey community, wanted to get a first-hand update on our products? Wanted to explore amazing community projects?  Wanted to discuss this more in-depth with the whole community about tech. Join us on Discord now to interact with us and the whole community. Click HERE. 

Here at Seeed, we look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. With this Discord server, we want to invite you to join us to build an open and friendly community where everyone can contribute and share their two cents.

Since its debut last year, currently we’re having more than 4000+ members gathering at our server. To make it easier for the community to get started, we’ve made some changes to the server. Here are some recent updates:

  • We have added an #events channel, where you can get all news about the online and offline events (seminars, meetups, workshops, hackathons, exhibitions, and GIVEAWAY) that we want to invite you to participate in. However, you are also welcome to share the events that you think are good fits for the community.
  • If you’ve stopped by lately, you’ll see a PRODUCTS Category, where you can learn about first-hand product releases and arrival news(#new-products). At the same time, we have established different channels for each product line (#arduino-xiao-grove, #sbc-rpi-bbg-x86, #jetson, #sensecap-sensor-gateway-cloud ), where you can initiate or participate in technical discussions, obtain products or technical support from other community members.
  • In the APPLICATIONS Category, we divide channels into trendy topics. You can explore application scenarios or join the conversation on these thematic channels including #home-assistant, #edge-ai, #home-lab, #no-code, etc.
  • Last but not least, we also have a CO-INVENT category to feature how Seeed is collaborating with the community. If you’re having a project idea in mind and want to scale it up, you should definitely check out the channels in this category. You can find the ways that we encourage and how we can support bringing your ideas to the market.

So what are you waiting for? Join our community and bring ideas to life! SEE YOU THERE!

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November 2022