Discover More Unique Features of XIAO Series: What Sets it Apart from the Rest?

Some of XIAO’s highlighted features are already deeply rooted in the hearts of makers and developers, thumb-sized form factor, μA-level power consumption, powerful processors, competitive price, and rich peripherals. However, XIAO also offers a wealth of unique features and capabilities not found in other development boards available today. Let’s take a closer look and explore what makes XIAO stand out among others on the market.

Charging Management Capability: Enables you to Power Lithium battery Through XIAO(except XIAO SAMD21 and XIAO RP2040)

Initially, we were not aware that XIAO had a built-in power management module. Given its tiny size, we never expected that it would be capable of charging the battery, so we took it upon ourselves to weld power module, but it turns out not the case.

Feedback from our Users

XIAO nRF52840(Sense) and XIAO ESP32C3 are designed with a charging circuit that can regulate the voltage and current supplied to the lithium battery during the charging process. This charging circuit typically includes a voltage regulator, current limiting resistor, and charging controller that can, within certain limits, monitor the battery’s voltage and adjust the charging current as needed to prevent overcharging or undercharging the battery. In addition, XIAO nRF52840(Sense) and XIAO ESP32C3 also include a power management unit (PMU) that can manage the charging process, as well as monitor the battery’s state of charge (SOC) and temperature. 

All SMD Components are placed on the same side of the board, so designers can easily integrate XIAO into their products for rapid mass production

Some of you may still not notice that XIAO Series is already System-on-Modules ready to be incorporated into larger computing systems. You can see XIAO Series as a development board and module hybrid, enabling you to rapidly prototype while easily integrating your designs to significantly streamline the product development process. (More details about why XIAO becomes an SoM, what are the advantages of XIAO SoM, and get access to XIAO SoM User Manual, the Ultimate Guide to Streamline Product Design, Providing Seamless Experience from Module Selection to Mass Production )

By placing all SMD components on the same side of the board, you can enjoy: 

  • Ease of assembly:  it simplifies the assembly process by allowing pick-and-place machines to easily mount the components on the board without having to flip it over;
  • Better reliability: placing all components on one side allows for better inspection and repair of the board. It also helps to reduce the risk of soldering defects that can cause connection failures;
  • Lower cost: single-sided boards can be less expensive to manufacture than a double-sided board
  • Space savings: a board with all components on one side can be thinner than a double-sided board, which is important for space-limited designs.

Tiny Size Reflecting High-integration Level Realized by Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Adventurous R&D Team

XIAO Series has a high level of integration with all the necessary components and interfaces integrated while still maintaining a tiny size. This small form factor makes it an excellent choice for space-limited devices such as wearables, IoT devices, and drones. However, fully-functional thumb-sized boards are not an easy feat for our R&D team. Seasoned as they are, Our engineers need to continually adjust and test to ensure functional Integrity in Limited Space. In the meantime, they keep looking through Power Supply Manual and Design Guideline for Microcontrollers to explore possible ways to adjust the redundant design while maintaining functionality and stability. The designing story of XIAO ESP32S3, our earliest XIAO this year, fully reflects the spirit of our R&D team in designing XIAO. Know more here: Tiny Size Brings Big Challenges: The Inside Story of XIAO ESP32S3 Designing – Discover the Hard Work, Passion, and Innovation Behind the Scenes

Using Stickers to Display Information Responds to the Needs of Project Clients. 

We’ve chosen to print all the necessary information about our dev boards on stickers for three key reasons. Firstly, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the boards by providing a sleek and professional look. Secondly, for our bulk customers, we understand that some may prefer to remove the stickers for their own branding purposes. Finally, this approach allows for flexibility in case any updates or changes need to be made to the board’s specifications, as we can simply update and reprint the stickers rather than having to modify the physical board itself.

Powerful Supply Chain Support and One-stop Service Provided by Fusion: from Module Selection to Mass Production, Seeed Has You Covered All

At Seeed, we provide comprehensive supply chain support and offer a one-stop service that covers everything from module selection to mass production. We not only provide high-quality system-on-modules, but we also deliver PCBA services, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, and warehousing services. By providing all these services under one roof, we offer a streamlined and efficient process that saves time and resources for our clients. If you want to use XIAO in your designs, then you can leverage our robust customization and manufacturing resources to reach the shortest Go to market time. 

We are excited to offer unique features that can inspire and empower product designers and developers in the real world. Our hope is that XIAO will be the go-to choice for those seeking a compact yet powerful solution for their projects. To achieve that, we will keep improving the user experience of it and release more! If you have any feedback on that, please do let us know in the comment!

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