Powering Your IoT Projects with WiFi and Bluetooth-Enabled Microcontrollers

Why are the MCUs with WiFi and Bluetooth so favored?

Microcontrollers with Bluetooth can be used to build smart home gadgets, wearable technologies, and other applications that require local communication. The MCU can communicate with devices via the internet through WiFi, which opens up a world of possibilities. MCUs with WiFI and Bluetooth could be used for everything from small IoT sensors to large systems that require both local and remote connectivity with minimum power.

The best solution for Wireless MCU–The XIAO ESP32

It’s no surprise that when it comes to MCUs with WiFi and Bluetooth, the ESP32 is everyone’s favorite! It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including IoT devices, smart homes, and wearables, thanks to its sophisticated processing, wireless WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity, and different sensors.


But there is more than that! If you find the ESP32 to be a useful tool for your endeavor, you won’t want to miss this! The XIAO ESP32 series is a robust and flexible wireless microcontroller based on ESP32 chips and other components including a USB-to-serial converter, voltage regulator, and an onboard antenna. This potent but incredibly small microcontroller supports multiple development environments, including Arduino, MicroPython, and CircuitPython, making it simple to program and customize to your specific requirements. The whole IoT world is all yours now!


The XIAO ESP32 development board has impressive capabilities that might intrigue your curiosity about its full potential. Many may wonder what groundbreaking and innovative projects can be achieved using this powerful wireless microcontroller. well, there is a wealth of information available online that showcases the impressive creations made using the XIAO ESP32. there are plenty of projects ranging from smart home automation systems to wearable devices, all built with this remarkable development board. So let’s take a moment to explore the possibilities that can be unlocked with the XIAO ESP32 and prepare to be amazed!

The most cost-effective WiFI and Bluetooth-enabled MCU – XIAO ESP32-C3 $4.99

When we talk about the MCU with WiFi and Bluetooth, the XIAO ESP32-C3 is a must-have. It is equipped with an ESP32-C3 chip, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB Type-C port for programming and power. In addition, it has 4 MB of flash memory and 384 KB of SRAM, providing sufficient storage for a variety of applications.

Auto-Grinding Coffee Machine with XIAO ESP32-C3

Automatic grinding of coffee is now possible with ESP32-C3. The user may effortlessly specify the precise quantity of ground coffee they desire using this cutting-edge device, and the device will automatically grind the beans to make the specified quantity. In addition, the device is equipped with a Bluetooth interface for smartphones, allowing users to control the device remotely through their mobile devices.

It would be a mistake to believe that its capabilities end there. The XIAO ESP32-C3 excelled at numerous duties.

Wearable Environment Monitor Device With XIAO ESP32-C3

Exploring fascinating and beautiful caverns has become a pleasure for many people, however, there are safety concerns associated with dangerous caves. A revolutionary smart jacket based on XIAO ESP32-C3 developed for cave exploration safeguards explorers. The size of the XIAO ESP32-C3 makes it perfect for wearable devices.

The SAJAC jacket is able to monitor and report on multiple environmental characteristics such as temperature, humidity, and air quality, allowing the user to gain an awareness of the surrounding environmental conditions.


Additionally, the jacket has BLE and LoRa communication features that make it possible to connect in real-time with rescue crews or other explorers. In emergency situations, this feature allows for swift and effective responses.

IoT weather station with XIAO ESP32-C3

Isn’t it exciting? Speaking of environment monitoring, did you know that XIAO ESP32-C3 performs wonderfully at building IoT weather stations? By enabling communication between Wi-Fi and the MQTT server. It transmits temperature and humidity measurements from the sensor to the server and enables remote data viewing on the web platform or OLED display.

Predict Yogurt Processing & Texture with XIAO ESP32-C3

Another good news for yogurt lovers! Still worry about food safety when purchasing yogurt from the shop? Here is a good plan for yogurt manufacturers.


With the integration of various sensors and the powerful XIAO ESP32-C3, the quality of yogurt has become more predictable. The device collects crucial data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, milk temperature, and culture weight to determine the consistency of yogurt before fermentation. Using this information, a neural network model is trained through the Blynk platform to accurately forecast the texture of the final product. The end result? Organic, healthy, and delicious yogurt that you can savor with complete confidence.

High-performance MCU with WiFI and Bluetooth —XIAO ESP32-S3 $7.49

The XIAO ESP32-C3 couldn’t satisfy your need? Don’t worry, check out the XIAO ESP32-S3. An upgraded version of ESP32-C3. It is based on the ESP32-S3 chip and is more powerful than the ESP32-C3. It includes 8MB of flash memory and 384KB of SRAM. The board is designed for high-performance applications and is appropriate for more intricate undertakings. More powerful but the size stays the same.

WiFI and Bluetooth enabled MCU with microphone and camera – XIAO ESP32-S3 Sense $13.99

Seeed Studio is thoughtful enough to publish the ESP32-S3 Sense. This board is comparable to the Xiao ESP32-S3, but it includes an additional microphone and camera, making it perfect for projects involving smart home devices, video monitoring and so on. Moreover, it offers 8MB PSRAM, 8MB FLASH, and an external SD card slot. Now you can create your own device easier than ever before.

The comparison of the three MCUs

Still cannot decide? This table might help you out.

Transform Your DIY Projects with XIAO ESP32: Get Yours Today!

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the XIAO ESP32 series, it’s time to put your knowledge into action and start creating your own projects! With the wide range of possibilities offered by the XIAO ESP32 wireless MCU, the sky is the limit!


Whether you’re interested in building a smart home automation system, a wearable fitness tracker, or a remote-controlled device, the XIAO ESP32 MCU with wifi and Bluetooth provide the perfect foundation for bringing your ideas to life.


At Seeed Studio, you can find all the resources you need to get started, from step-by-step tutorials and sample projects to a wide selection of XIAO boards and accessories.


So what are you waiting for? Head to Seeed Studio now to start exploring the possibilities of the XIAO ESP32!

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