Customize Your Own reComputer, Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI and Robotics Platform

With decades of ODM & OEM experience, our engineers and product experts are proficient in delivering customization services for popular hardware platforms including NVIDIA Jetson for edge AI and robotics. With Seeed Studio’s customization and manufacturing service, we are ready to bring your product concept to the market with Seeed Studio’s industrial capabilities from design, manufacturing, testing, certification, global distribution, and marketplace.

We’re dedicated to open manufacturing and are pleased to share that we have opened a schematic diagram of the reComputer J401 carrier board. This provides transparency and flexibility to all engineers working on their products based on the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

Seeed’s online ODM service, quickly get online quotations of unit prices, NRE fees, and estimated lead time.

Making the reComputer carrier board schematic file accessible will accelerate product design and strengthen the Jetson ecosystem. By providing hardware engineers with a reference, they can easily design custom solutions based on our accumulated rich design and manufacturing experience. This can deliver the products customers want faster and at a lower cost while enhancing the user experience. Together with Seeed’s online ODM service, customers can quickly get online quotations of unit prices, NRE fees, and estimated lead time. Once customers submit inquiries, the Seeed ODM team will get in touch in one workday. Seeed Agile ODM Service empowers device makers and integrators with our customizable services tailored to their specific hardware needs, including form factors, image flashing, and logo change. Our comprehensive services reduce time-to-market for customers by handling all aspects of the process, from licensing and integration to manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution.

Seeed ODM Custom Design for NVIDIA Jetson includes:

Seeed Studio One-stop ODM service

Seeed Studio One-stop ODM service

Streamlined Customization Clarification Communication

Our experience developing various Jetson carrier boards and gathering feedback from end users has allowed us to modularize the classification of customer customization requirements and provide possible options. This simplifies the process of requirement transmission, allowing users to fill in an online form and choose options from drop-down menus or fast reach out to our engineer’s representatives at [email protected].

Instant Estimates of Price and Lead Time

In addition to simplifying the process of requirement clarification, we offer customers the convenience of seeing an instant estimate of the price and delivery date for their desired customizations on our website. This provides customers with certainty from the very beginning, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Cost-Effective NRE and MOQ

NVIDIA Jetson’s high-performance AI capabilities have generated diverse customization needs in the market, often starting with small batches. To better serve customers from different industries, we have improved our delivery capabilities through modular design and agile production processes, allowing us to lower the threshold for customer customization. This makes our ODM service cost-effective for small batch orders, without sacrificing quality or functionality.

From Concept to Product, from 0.1 to ∞

0.1: Concept Specification for Quotation

When customers have a product concept based on a specific application scenario, they can obtain a preliminary evaluation quotation and due date. Our engineers and product managers will respond to customer customization needs via email within 24 hours and invite customers to sign contracts, ensuring the protection of customer rights and interests.

1 piece: Engineering Samples for Design Verification

After the kick-off, our engineers will start the product design and send the design file to the customer for confirmation. After a quick board-making and testing, we will deliver engineering samples to customers for testing and verification.

10 pieces: Finalization of Design and Delivery of Golden Samples

After the engineering sample is verified, we will make any necessary design improvements, finalize the design, and deliver the golden sample to the customer for final sample confirmation.

100 pieces: Pilot Run for Improved Production Yield

Through small batch trial production, we fully verify the robustness of the design and ensure the yield and efficiency of the production line. Customers receive qualified products that are ready to go to market.

1K+ pieces: Life-Cycle Management for Mass Production

We provide full-cycle product life management to ensure long-term supply for our customers and provide strong support for their success.

Throughout the ODM process, Seeed Studio’s team works closely with the customer to ensure that their specific needs are met. We provide guidance on the technical feasibility of the project, offer design recommendations, and provide regular updates on the status of the project.

Seeed Fusion One-Stop Agile Manufacturing & Hardware Customization

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Seeed NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem

Seeed is an Elite partner for edge AI in the NVIDIA Partner Network. Explore more carrier boards, full system devices, customization services, use cases, and developer tools on Seeed’s NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem page.

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