From Router to Storage Hub: How a NAS Transforms Your Home-Business Network


In the era of digital connectivity, our need for storage solutions has grown exponentially. Whether it’s preserving cherished memories, securely storing important documents, or streaming media seamlessly, having a reliable and efficient network-attached storage (NAS) solution is crucial. While dedicated NAS devices have long been favored, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be unleashed: a NAS based on a router. Join us as we explore the untapped potential of combining the versatility of a router with the storage prowess of a NAS, revolutionizing the way you manage and access your files.

What is the importance of the router embedded NAS?

Cost-effectiveness: Using a router to set up a NAS can be more affordable compared to purchasing a dedicated NAS device. Routers are generally less expensive and readily available.

Media streaming: If your router supports media server functionality, you can use your NAS to store and stream media files to compatible devices like smart TVs, game consoles, or media players. This allows for convenient streaming of movies, music, or photos without the need for a separate media server.

Easy setup and management: Routers typically have user-friendly interfaces that make it relatively easy to set up and manage a basic NAS configuration. Many routers provide intuitive web interfaces or smartphone apps for managing file sharing, access controls, and other NAS features.

Data backup: Many routers support built-in backup features that allow you to automatically back up your files from connected devices to the NAS. This helps protect your important data and provides an additional layer of redundancy.

Flexibility: With a router-based NAS, you have the flexibility to choose the storage devices you want to connect, such as external hard drives or USB thumb drives. This allows you to scale your storage capacity based on your needs and budget.

Centralized file storage: By setting up a NAS, you can centralize your files and make them accessible to all devices on your network. This makes it easier to share files between devices and eliminates the need for manual file transfers.

Imagine having the ability to access your files anytime, anywhere. With remote access functionality, a router-based NAS allows you to securely connect to your files, even when you’re away from home or office. Whether you’re on a business trip, visiting a friend, or simply enjoying a vacation, your important files are just a few clicks away. Embrace the freedom of mobility without compromising on security or performance!

So, what is the Solution?

The LinkStar-H68K router is a game-changer in the world of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions. Powered by a cutting-edge quad-core Cortex-A55 RK3568 chip, this router packs a punch when it comes to performance. With four Ethernet interfaces, including dual-2.5G and dual-1G, and the option to incorporate Wi-Fi 6 technology, it sets the stage for a seamless and lightning-fast network experience. But what truly sets the LinkStar-H68K apart is its incredible storage capacity and media player functionality, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a DIY NAS solution that is both efficient and user-friendly.

Here below is our demo accessing the Plex media server using create simple NAS and advertise our reTerminal DM to customers. You can stream on a reception smart tv about your products.

Elevate your company’s data management with our advanced NAS based on the LinkStar-H68K router. Broadcast your company advertisements to smart TVs, reaching a wider audience than ever before. Benefit from the unique features of the LinkStar-H68K, including the OpenWrt LUCI interface and Docker compatibility, providing unparalleled flexibility and control. Safely store and share your confidential files, prediction sheets, and essential documents with centralized storage. Embrace the future of networking and experience the power of connected storage. Trust in our expertise to deliver a revolutionary NAS solution tailored to your company’s needs!


A NAS based on a router revolutionizes the way home users manage and access their files. With centralized storage, all your important documents, cherished photos, and entertainment media can be conveniently stored in one location, accessible from any device on your home network. No more searching through multiple devices or relying on cloud services with limited storage. Enjoy the convenience of seamless file sharing, allowing family members to easily access and share files with each other. Furthermore, the added benefit of data redundancy ensures that your precious memories and valuable files are safeguarded against unexpected hardware failures.

Startups require cost-effective solutions that can adapt to their evolving needs. A NAS based on a router provides an ideal platform for startups to manage their data effectively. With the ability to choose storage devices based on their budget and storage requirements, startups can scale their storage capacity as their business grows. Centralized storage and file sharing facilitate collaboration among team members, even in remote work environments. The remote accessibility feature enables startup founders and employees to access critical files and documents from anywhere, enabling flexibility and productivity.

In this interconnected world, where data is the lifeblood of our digital existence, a NAS based on a router emerges as the ultimate solution. Unlocking the hidden potential of your router, it empowers you with centralized storage, seamless file sharing, data redundancy, and remote accessibility. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional storage options and embrace the future of home or your startup business networking. Embrace the NAS based on a router revolution, and experience the power of connected storage like never before.

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