Effortless System Remote Management and Troubleshooting with BliKVM


In today’s interconnected world, the need for seamless remote access and control of computer systems has become more critical than ever. With the recent challenges posed by viral outbreaks and the rise of remote work, organizations are seeking robust solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations and efficient management, regardless of physical presence.


Enter KVM over IP—an innovative technology that revolutionizes remote system control. By enabling administrators to securely access and manage servers, troubleshoot issues, and perform crucial tasks from any location, KVM over IP ensures business continuity even when circumstances keep us away from the office.


Let’s explore some compelling use cases where KVM over IP shines, empowering professionals to overcome geographical barriers and safeguard productivity in the face of viral uncertainties.


What is KVM?

KVM over IP is a technology that allows users to remotely access and control a computer or server through a network connection. It provides a way to interact with the system as if you were physically present at the machine.


Why We Need a KVM?

KVM over IP can be useful in various scenarios where remote access and control of a computer or server are required. Here are a few common occasions where KVM over IP is beneficial:

Overall, KVM over IP provides flexibility and convenience for remote management and troubleshooting tasks, enabling administrators to efficiently control and maintain systems from any location with network connectivity.


BliKVM - KVM powered by Raspberry Pi

In the dynamic world of remote work, the need for secure and efficient access to office desktops from anywhere has never been more crucial.


Blicube, a trailblazing technology company, has revolutionized the industry once again with their innovative BliKVM, powered by the Raspberry Pi’s Computer Module 4 or the Raspberry Pi 4, in the form of HAT or PCIE, to satisfy diverse demand. This groundbreaking hardware brings the power of KVM-over-IP to the fingertips of professionals, offering a seamless and secure solution for remote desktop control.


In this demonstration, you will observe a person using their home laptop to log in to their office desktop using the Tailscale VPN service. This allows them to continue working remotely from home due to their absence in the office caused by viral fever.

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