Webinar on Sep. 5: Real-Time Location Systems and Applications by TagoIO and Seeed Studio

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Have you ever wanted to have a deep dive into a real-time location system (RTLS)?  Or you wanna learn what cool applications there are for our just released SenseCAP T1000 LoRaWAN GPS Tracker?

Wander no more! Join us for an insightful webinar on September 5 at 11am (EST), where our Shuyang Zhou will join David Hall, Customer Success Manager at TagoIO and delve into Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and their transformative applications. Discover how RTLS technology reshapes the IoT landscape, unlocks unprecedented insights, enhances operational efficiency, and creates immersive experiences. P.S. There will be a live demo session too! David has created a RTLS on his farm to track and monitor some assets both indoors and outdoors with our SenseCAP T1000 LoRaWAN GPS Tracker. Get excited!

Webinar Details:

Date: September 5
Time: 11am EST
Registration Link: here


  • Introduction to TagoIO and Seeed Studio
  • Exploring Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
  • RTLS Applications and Use Cases
  • Live-demo of a Indoor and Outdoor RTLS with SenseCAP T1000
  • Q&A Session

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into RTLS technology and its game-changing potential across various industries. Register now using the provided link and mark your calendar for September 5.

In case you haven’t heard of SenseCAP T1000, it is a card-size LoRaWAN® tracker utilizing GNSS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for outdoor & indoor location tracking. It boasts self-geo-adaptive capabilities, local data storage, and battery life for months. It’s equipped with temperature, light, and motion sensors, making it ideal for a variety of applications for location & status monitoring. Currently, it’s LIVE on Kickstarter from August 22 to September 9 with exclusive launch day specials starting from $29. Back us now!

About TagoIO
TagoIO is an IoT Cloud Platform for businesses to manage devices, data, users, analytics, and integration. TagoIO offers powerful options for you to connect IoT devices and external databases, create data visualization, manage users’ access, customize your own portal, generate reports and alerts, and more. 

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, let us know on LinkedInDiscord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you soon with even more exciting news!

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