Chaihuo Makerspace Joins Fab Academy as a 2024 Node!

Exciting news! Chaihuo Makerspace has taken an exciting step forward by applying to become a node of the Fab Academy course for 2024, empowering students to “how to make almost anything!”. As the pioneering maker space in Shenzhen, Chaihuo, a subsidiary of Seeed Studio, opens its doors to community makers providing a range of tools, materials, and cutting-edge technologies help them to accomplish their projects.

What is the Fab Academy? It’s a rigorous five-month-long program, where creativity meets digital prowess. Here, students are immersed in a process of learning to visualize, design, and create prototypes using an assortment of digital fabrication tools. More than just an educational course, the Fab Academy is a multi-disciplinary boot camp that instills a ‘learn-by-doing’ ethos, encouraging the creation of tangible items that can contribute to sustainable communities and cities.

Participants are taken on a transformational journey, converting codes into physical masterpieces. Upon completion, students don’t just walk away with knowledge; they earn a Fab Diploma—a culmination of various Fab Academy Certificates, where the emphasis is on skill acquisition, not just the time spent or the credits earned.

Worth mentioning that we are profoundly honored to have Salman Faris as our instructor this year. He is a co-founder of MakerGram as well as the honorable Seeed Studio Ranger, not only passionate for electronics and hardware product development, but also got diploma in digital fabrication from the prestigious Fab Academy. 

Looking ahead, we’re gearing up for this year’s Fab24 event in Mexico, where we extend our best wishes to all our students, confident that they will achieve excellent results!

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January 2024