Grove is an open source, modulated, and ready-to-use toolset. It takes a building block approach to assemble electronics. Compared with the traditional, complicated learning method of using a breadboard and various electronic components to assemble a project,Grove simplifies the learning process significantly. The Grove System consists of a base shield and various modules with standardized connectors.The base shield allows for easy connection of any microprocessor input or output from the Grove modules, and every Grove module addresses a single function, such as a simple button or a more complex sensor. there are already more than 200 Grove modules and each one comes with clear documentation and demo code to help you get started quickly.


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  1. Grove - Mini Fan v1.1
    Grove - Mini Fan v1.1
    SKU 108020021
  2. Grove - MP3 v2.0
    Grove - MP3 v2.0
    SKU 107020008
  3. Grove - Recorder
    Grove - Recorder
    SKU 103020018
  4. Image
    Grove - Mini Fan
    SKU 105020004
  5. Grove - Serial MP3 Player
    Grove - Serial MP3 Player
    SKU 107020002